Unblock Netflix Anywhere in the World – 3 Easy Methods


Unblock Netflix Unblock Netflix Anywhere in the World   3 Easy Methods

Netflix is an amazingly popular online entertainment option for millions of people, with an enormous data base of well over 20,000 films and shows for anyone to enjoy. You can either watch Netflix on your TV, your PC or your laptop, while there is also the possibility of watching such content on your smart phone or tablet. However wonderful that might seem, in reality there is a catch. You can only view Netflix within the United States.

Of course, there are several versions of Netflix available in Latin America, Canada and Europe, but they can in no way be compared to the original US version. When it comes to both quality and quantity, there is really no comparison that can be held there. This is actually the main reason why all people crave for the authentic US version of Netflix to become accessible to them.

“Why is it so hard for us to enjoy US Netflix universally?” one might think. Well, there are quite a few copyright issues there that do not allow the broadcasting of US content of Netflix to become accessible globally. Geographical limitations get in the way and spoil all the fun for you. Encouragingly though, US expats that have relocated elsewhere, tourists and foreigners who wish to grab hold of US Netflix have been figuring out how they can twist and turn things around and access the delightful content they have been longing for.

Luckily for you, we have gathered the top three solutions that can work wonders for everybody, no matter where he is located. So, stick with us and have some taste of how you can change your current limited access to amazing websites, such as Netflix. Welcome aboard!

Methods for Unblocking Netflix outside US

It is acknowledged that Netflix has got filters that are activated in every single region and do not permit access to anyone but those with an American IP address. In this way and before the Internet user gets the chance to wander through the video data base, he is denied access. When his IP address is verified and he appears to be connecting from anywhere but the States, he will be displayed the frustrating message stating that Netflix is not accessible from within his country. Bummer!

Thankfully, there are solutions that can conceal your current IP address and help you get a US IP address instead. As a consequence, the filters will regard you as an American resident and will let you access Netflix, regardless of your location in the world. Great news, right?

1st Method: Hide IP Software or Making Use of Proxy Servers

There are numerous proxy servers available for you to benefit from, including both paid proxy solutions and free proxy websites. Free web proxy includes a list with all the working proxy servers in the US and some other countries, often being backed up with ads for sources of income.

Proxy Servers Unblock Netflix Anywhere in the World   3 Easy Methods

On the other hand, paid proxy lets you get a list with all the functional and efficient US IPs, always depending on your exact subscription. In both cases, you will have to make use of an American IP address prior to being granted the access to US websites, such as Netflix.

Pros: Most of the proxy servers are either offered for free or at truly low cost. IP changing apps can also be available to you in the case of paid proxy and such features can make your experience even easier and simpler to handle.

Cons: The speed rate is an issue when using proxies. You should be ready to deal with truly slow speed and interruptions, especially when using free web proxy. On top of that, the pop-up ads can be frustrating at times. Finally, web proxy can be detected and blocked pretty easily.

2nd Method: Browser Add-ons

In various web browsers, you can come up with a handful of browser add-ons. They can be used in order to get you a US IP address, resembling free proxy servers remarkably. As a result, you can trick Netflix and other geo-blocked websites and apps. Hola is such a browser add-on for Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Mac OS.

Addons Unblock Netflix Anywhere in the World   3 Easy Methods

Pros: Browser add-ons are offered for free and they are exceptionally easy to install. So, it is a really simple and cost effective method for everyone.

Cons: The quality of streaming can be really poor. All at once, there are several times when more advanced technical experience is required for their use. Plus, Netflix can block their use upon discovering their purpose. Finally, you cannot create an account in Netflix using such a decoy, since an American IP address is imperative for an American based Netflix registration outside America.

3rd Method: Using VPN (Recommended Method-Best Choice)

VPN is primarily used for encrypting information being sent over public networks for security purposes. So, accessing Geo-restricted websites is not the only reason why somebody would benefit from VPN. Virtual Private Networks have become truly popular over the world, allowing users to gain safe and private access to entertainment media channels, such as Netflix, Hulu and many more.

In specific, what VPN does is direct web traffic via servers located all over the planet. Subscribers have the opportunity to select a server and subsequently an IP address from any location in the world. Full-proof security and measurable speed can be accomplished throughout the web surfing after VPN.

Top VPN Provider11 Unblock Netflix Anywhere in the World   3 Easy Methods

Pros: Where do we begin? Well, first of all with the use of VPN you ensure all your data through full data encryption. This keeps you anonymous and untraceable at all times. Then, VPN includes a vast amount of servers and so you have complete control over which IP address you are going to choose.

This allows you to handle the traffic and of course unblock any website and app globally. A quality VPN provider can offer you a plethora of servers to have your pick from, guaranteeing smooth online streaming without any interruptions. A quality VPN provider will always keep you safe from all hackers and other threats coming your way online.

Apart from that, local censorship within your country can be prevented through the use of VPN. You can visit any website you feel like, without having to be held accountable for such actions of yours. Of course, you can enjoy Netflix and other websites, such as Hulu and Amazon, BBC iPlayer and so on and this is really big as an accomplishment. You can watch online streaming on your TV through the use of PS3 or Roku Box etc. and if you go for multiple devices you may need a VPN router. No need to worry though, since its setup is pretty simple and straightforward especially if you pick a quality VPN like HideMyAss Pro. Simply follow our quick guide on connecting a VPN router to HMA (HideMyAss), if you need help on this topic.

Cons: Even if it is quite affordable, the cost of VPN (which varies anywhere from $5 to $15 per month) can be off putting for some. Of course, there are free VPN services that you can turn to. Nonetheless, they cannot offer great speed and reliability, as well as all the features included within the paid VPN providers. Additionally, VPN can require several resources of your system for its VPN software or dialer port. This can slow your device’s performance a bit. Last, several users have been annoyed by the need to frequently upgrade VPN software (even for free).

Bottom Line

Having analyzed the three methods for unblocking Netflix universally, it is pretty obvious that the use of VPN is the indisputable winner. With just a few dollars per month you can enjoy great performance and amazing benefits. You will get to have your data fully encrypted and you will be able to substitute your IP address with an American one, which will allow you to access Netflix (among so much more). So, if you are truly determined to enjoy the AWESOME collection of films and shows that Netflix can pride on, there is no doubt as to what you should do.

So, we leave you off with some simple guidelines as to how you can sign up for a US Netflix account outside US (if you already have an account in another version of Netflix, it is perfectly OK and does not require anything else).

1. First of all, you subscribe to a quality VPN provider and you change your IP address respectively, so that you appear from the US.
2. You visit Netflix and set US as your default location.
3. You sign up making use of a US address, which can be fake (they will never check). Just make sure that you use a valid zip code (you can find one here).
4. Continue with your credit card information prior to the payment (typically MasterCard and Visa are acceptable). Alternatively, you can use Netflix gift cards that can easily be purchased on eBay, Amazon and from any other trusted seller like this one.
5. You’re in! Enjoy!