Guide for Watching Netflix in UAE (United Arab Emirates)


Netflix in UAE Guide for Watching Netflix in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Are you in search of finding a way and learning how to watch Netflix in UAE? Well, there is some good news for you! In fact, you can get what you have been looking for even if you are not a US resident or even a Canadian one or a Latin American one (all receiving different versions of Netflix with the US version being the fullest and most tempting one to enjoy).

Even though what you have been getting so far in your attempt to enjoy Netflix while being in the United Arab Emirates was an error message informing you of your inability to view such content, we are the holders of the key that will make you unblock Netflix and make you able to watch such an application within the comfort of your home.

VPN and American IP Address Offered

Since the US version of Netflix is the best when compared in the field of both quality and quantity, this is where we should emphasize on. So, we are going to aim at gaining access to the US Netflix from UAE. It seems that every time we get to attempt a connection with Netflix, we are identified as foreigners and therefore we are rejected due to our geographical location. However, if we get to use a reliable VPN provider such as HideMyAss, we can choose to connect through a US based server.

In this way, our IP address will be marked as a local one, since we will have an American IP instead of our own one. As you can imagine, no restriction will be an issue from then on.

Signing Up for Netflix in UAE

Apart from that, you will be expected to fill in your US information for registering to Netflix. Giving a fake name and address will do the trick, but you will be forced to enter a valid zip code in the US. Simply typing 90210 can get you off the hook. Last but not least, you will need to have access to the American application store in order to download Netflix, provided that you do not have it installed in your device.

You can overcome such an obstacle through the use of an American credit card or alternatively through a Netflix gift card (from this Vendor) available for purchase on eBay. So that’s it, and it’s crystal clear that in order for you to be able to watch UAE Netflix you need to get VPN and you’ll be thrilled, straight away!