Learn How to Unblock Netflix at School


Netflix at School Learn How to Unblock Netflix at School

Ok! Your school has black listed Netflix along with other sites, and you’re eager to enjoy a new episode of your favorite Television show. Well, don’t worry as we will give you a way to get on Netflix at School; actually you can use my method to gain access from any place on earth.

Alright then — your school probably has a good reason for blocking Netflix from the start, so do not come running in case you get into trouble for viewing Netflix from school. Now that we have agreed that total responsibility lies with you if you get caught, let’s get down to business.

See, the problem comes from the fact that your school has built a firewall that stops you from opening the website Netflix.com. Now, if you make use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), all of the files to and from your PC will be protected. This means that the school firewall will be unable to tell what internet site you’re surfing. This makes it extremely hard for the firewall to figure out which websites are restricted and which ones are not.

Control Your School Firewall with VPN

Setting up a Virtual Private Network on your PC is pretty simple; it’s just a matter of registering an account with a VPN provider. We recommend using HideMyAss Pro as it’s ideal for this purpose, as far as my experience and tests are concerned — but there’s no harm in comparing top VPN providers, and picking the one who suits you best.

Once you have registered, simply download and install the App that you will get from your VPN provider, and choose a United States server from the drop-down list of servers there then press connect. Hang on for a couple of seconds as you wait for a green light which shows that you’re now protected via the secure channels of a Virtual Private Network. You may now browse any website you want; without experiencing any kind of interference from your school firewall.

This technique will work for all of the sites that your school might have blocked; it’s not a way for unblocking Netflix only. An additional advantage of using a VPN is that cyber thieves will no longer be able to steal your account details while you’re surfing on the free Wireless internet at Starbucks, school, or any other public area.

It has become very common for cyber criminals to steal security passwords and identities from PCs, especially from the PCs being connected to Wireless internet connections in public areas. Considering that when one is using a VPN all traffic goes through encrypted paths, there is no chance for criminals to get to your private data. Pretty cool, isn’t this now! So — if you’re searching for a way to watch Netflix at school; well, then here you go. Right?