5 Easy Ways to Unblock Blocked Websites


Unblock Blocked Websites 5 Easy Ways to Unblock Blocked Websites

The internet was created to be enjoyed by all human beings, regardless of race, location, religion or any other factor. It is therefore understandable that you might want to unblock blocked websites that has been blocked due to geographical location, bandwidth, political reasons, institutional rule or any other reason. Now, the responsibility-if you get caught-lies squarely on your shoulders.

Type in https in place of http

If you look at your address bar, websites open in the form of http. To unblock a website, try adding an ‘s’ to the http so that it reads https. This trick might work or fail depending on the level of sophistication of the blocking software.

Use a proxy server

A proxy server works like an intermediary between your computer and the website you wish to visit. Proxy servers like HideMyAss proxy work by downloading the site you wish to visit onto their server then you can get access to the page on the proxy server. The advantage with proxy servers is that they are free and do not need any special skill to use. Proxy server providers also increase your security since they make sure that the site you are visiting does not harbor malicious software. The disadvantage is that proxy servers are slow and they can easily be blocked too.

Use a translation service

In this method, go to a translation service from a search engine like Google or Bing. When you are there, type in the URL of the site you want to unblock in the translation box then click on translate into English. What will happen is that the translation service will fetch the blocked website and you will be able to get to the site through the translation portal of your search engine. The only problem with this method is that that some search engines have been blocked so you cannot gain access to the service in the first place.

Use IP instead of domain name

This method is a bit technical, especially if you do not interact with your PC’ s command prompt. Go to your command prompt and type in ping nameofsiteyouwishtounblock.com. If you want to unblock Facebook.com for example, type in ping Facebook.com in the command prompt.

The result will be the IP address of the site, in our case the IP address associated with Facebook.com. To unblock the site, copy the IP address and paste it into the address bar of your browser and click go. You should now be able to unblock the website.

Use of VPN – Recommended

Now, let’s start by stating that this is by far the best method to unblock a website. VPN works by giving a user a list of servers placed all over the world from which he can connect to the internet. Think of it being almost like having a proxy server but with way more options. With VPN, your whole internet session looks like it is coming from the server you connected to. Your whole session is protected.

VPN also encrypts your traffic so that no third party can gain access to your log in details, browsing preference and history. There are many providers in the market today but the best option-and believe you me we have tested them all- is HideMyAss Pro. Their charges are reasonable and their service is excellent.

There you go now. unblock blocked websites and enjoy the internet but remember if you get caught, we are not to blame. Have fun!