Keeping You In The Know – Uk Contemplating Banning Key Fobs


Keeping You In The Know: Uk Contemplating Banning Key Fob Mobile Phones, News Site Groklaw Taken Down Over Privacy Concerns, In-Flight High Speed Wi-Fi A Reality By 2014

Banning of ‘Key Fob’ Phones in the UK

The UK is considering banning ‘key fob’ mobile phones because they might be sneaked into prison cells. The small mobile phones that typically look like a key fob- and typically feature an auto company’s logo like BMW or Audi-are being advertised to catch the attention of prisoners, the UK now claims.

The Motor Manufacturer’s Trades association also claims that the mobile phone logos are being used without the consent of their legal owners. Consequently, the National trading and Standards board has asked retailers to stop selling these phones although they are still available on eBay and Amazon.

Legal news site Groklaw Shut Down

In an unfortunate development that will affect the way legal news reaches ordinary people, Groklaw owner Pamela Jones has shut down the site. The site has been shut down because the owner can no longer guarantee the privacy of the contributors in the wake of a massive surveillance by the US government.

The closure of Groklaw is directly related to the closure of email provider Lavabit. Lavabit folded up because of a legal dispute with the US government. Lavabit owners revealed to Pamela that the privacy of an email today cannot be guaranteed, and since Groklaw cannot run without email, Pamela elected to bring down the curtain on a decade of legal news. The possibility of constant surveillance was not something Pamela was prepared to live with.

In-flight High Speed to be Available by 2014

Communication’s firm Ofcom is in the process of providing a satellite that could allow travelers on flights, rail and sea to enjoy unprecedented speeds that can allow video streaming. The Wi-Fi will allow travelers to stay connected at high speeds ensuring that their internet experience while in transit remains excellent.

It would be wrong for us to end this post without reminding you that in order to avoid surveillance- the kind that led to Groklaw’s shutting- or cyber crime on in-flight Wi-Fi, you can get a VPN connection from a reputable provider like HMA (review), or any other provider of your choice.