Twitter Adopts Forward Security to Protect Users


Twitter has taken a leaf from Google and Facebook in an attempt to improve the security of users on its site. The social network site is strengthening its defenses against snooping parties online in the wake of the NSA spying saga and aggressive hacker activity witnessed in 2013.

The Forward Security method will not be obvious to users. As a matter of fact, many users will only experience a small delay in the log-in. the barely noticeable delay will be due to complex encryption that their log-in details will undergo before they are verified and allowed in. The encryption is meant to protect against password theft.

Although Twitter was not adversely mentioned in the Edward Snowden revelations compared to Google and Facebook, there are fears that the government was arm-twisting the company into providing confidential user information.

It is always good to see a social site take measures to protect users. However, we must not forget that these sites have only reacted after the Ed Snowden revelations. This makes their reactions quite suspicious; you will be forgiven for dismissing them as mere PR campaigns in the back lash against them by users.

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