TweetDeck and Mysterious Hacking Suspicions


The most recent activity of TweetDeck, the popular social media managing program, was nothing less than distressing news, leaving the service exposed due to the unauthorized retweets and shares of comments and code. As it has turned out, TweetDeck has experienced a security issue and this has led to significant problems with high profile accounts on Twitter. Imagine what it would be like for @NYTimes to tweet something that they are completely unaware of and imagine that this did actually happen with this security issue!

The service was unavailable for a little while, due to the ongoing problems that have been reported and the comments that had to do with hacking and lack of safety. However, it is now back in service and Twitter reassures everyone that the security fix is able to keep everyone on safe guard and without any further problem emerging along the way. Social media networks have been dealing with a lot of traffic, but generally they have lived up to the challenge of keeping their platforms free of any security issue. Still, this has been a rather unwelcome surprise for Twitter.

This security issue has been revealed and intensified just moments after Twitter has ranked top among 800 websites as to the security quality of the services used. This is profoundly ironic, if we believe that the attack did not take this ranking into consideration prior to scheduling the attack. Nevertheless, any problem with TweetDeck seems to have been repaired now and the followers on Twitter can go on with their usual patterns and their activity online!