Empowerment of Turki’s Telecommunication’s Law Against Cyber Issues


To deal with cyber issues, a new draft has been introduced and passed in Turkish Parliament by the governing party. The law is considered as a momentous against freedom of expressions in Turkey. The bill has been familiarized just to check anti-government activities emerging on cyber village in turkey.

Keeping in view the situations of the countries like, Egypt and Tunisia in recent past, the President of Turkey, Mr. Abdullah Gull is more apprehensive to dissolve the issues right from its beginning. The upcoming bill will not only urge the companies to control and stock personal data of the users for couple of years but it will make these companies bound to deliver the material when required by the government. The hundred percent implementation regarding collection of consumers’ data requires help from legal houses.

The bill was unanimously favored by 319 members of the ruling Justice Party and opposed by 231 figures in the opposing Development Party. Hasan Oren, an opposition parliamentarian, declared this cruel bill as same as the tactics adopt by Adolf Hitler at the time of his dictatorship.

Hasan remarked in the parliament as:

When you came to power you talked of enhancing democracy in turkey- now you are trying to implement fascism- Remember that Adolf Hitler used the same methods when he rose to power.

This newly passed bill will enable State’s Officials to block any unwanted website without taking any dictation even from the court.

The use of paintball guns by the force to keep demonstrators quiet had been observed and all is done just to express the control over the public with the message how the state must be governed. The massive demonstrations had been witnessed at Istanbul and Taksim Square and rapidly been dispersed by the law enforcement agencies by using rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons.