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It was way back in the year 2007, when the Parliament of Turkey passed “Internet Law”. Because of the said law, the government of Turkey had been strict in terms of internet usage for the past years. Over 16,000 portals and websites were prohibited by the Turkish government, upon implementing the said law. Websites like Youtube and LastFM were banned too. In addition to this, numerous services in Google were also banned. The law that Turkish government implemented became very controversial; that even, EctHR (European Court of Human Rights) questioned the Turkish government about the said issue.

Because of various negation and oppositions against said internet law, the BTK (broadcasting and information division of Turkey) revised the policies of the said law. It was in February 2011, when the government of Turkey offered five different internet packages; Children, Family, Domestic and the Standard Package.

The cyber authorities of Turkey advised people to set various web filters, so internet users could only have access to websites and portals of whom contents are filtered accordingly. The government of Turkey emphasized internet censorship so citizens can’t have access to anti–national, anti-religious, pornographic and sexual contents online — Turkish government also made it mandatory to setup the said filters in schools, libraries and internet shops and cafes.

Numerous international and domestic websites were greatly affected by this decision of the government to install different types of web content sifting software; this was according to some web analysts. A lot of Turks opposed and protested against their government, because of the Internet Law being implemented by Turkish government — the protest covered almost every single major road of Turkey. They furthermore, extended their opposition in social networking sites.

Turkey isn’t the sole country who set strict internet policies. In fact, China along with many other countries, is known and famous for imposing strict laws in internet restrictions. Iran set protocols regarding browsing the internet, and also banned a bunch of foreign websites. They’ve even called their internet “Halal Internet”.

Turkish people scream for Cyber Freedom

A lot of people want to get rid of the strict Internet restrictions in Turkey, quite understandable and fair, right? Not only that they want freedom, but because they also need to access banned websites for very important purposes, such as to compile an online business report. As like other individuals worldwide, people in Turkey also want to have an access to different social networking sites; so they would be able to interact with the ones they love abroad and to be able to connect to the world. Not only that, they also want to have access to entertainment sites like YouTube. This ALL is fair and quit understandable, isn’t it? Yes, it’s icon smile Use Turkey VPN for Online Freedom in Turkey

People genuinely from Turkey are not the only ones that are affected by such laws. Tourists from other countries who visit Turkey also experience difficulties, because of the Turkish internet law. They are not able to access the websites of the bank in their own countries, their local entertainment channels, blogs and so on. People also find it tough to shop online, and encounter communication gaps; because of the said law in Turkey.

Finest Solution for Turkey’s Internet Censorship

Thanks to the technological advancements that, a tool is invented to NICELY deal with the strict internet law in Turkey, and around the globe. Tool being talked about is, VPN (virtual private network). VPN is an innovation that offers a perfect solution regarding strict internet law in Turkey — actually worldwide! With Turkey VPN, accessing banned websites is so easy.

Why? Because via Turkey VPN, you can browse the World Wide Web privately and securely, that’s why you can access to the contents filtered by the Turkish government. Turkey VPN has a huge variety of security protocols that will let you be untraceable. The VPN security protocols are the following:

  • PPTP – Point to Point Protocol
  • IPsec – Internet Protocol Security
  • SSL – Security Socket Layer
  • TLS – Transport Layer Security
  • DTLS – Datagram Transport Layer Security
  • SSH – Secure Shell
  • L2TP – Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol

Turkey VPN allows you to secretly send mails under a blocked service. Messages mailed cannot be interpreted by any government authority because messages are encrypted by VPN protocols.

Access the Banned sites in Turkey

Your location, city and country are determined by your IP address. Turkey VPN allows you to hide and change IP address. By using an IP address of a different country, authorities may assume that you are based from another country and will not be able to notice the blocked sites you are visiting. With Turkey VPN, you can browse banned websites and deceive the government authorities without the fear of falling from any legal traps.

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Other Turkey VPN Perks

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