How to Watch truTV Outside US – Here is How!


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If you’re into reality TV and legal dramas then truTV is the suitable channel for you. Previously known as Court TV, the channel is loaded with legal shows, police shows, court shows and a lot more. The only real issue is that truTV is only accessible in the US and you require a cable subscription if you want to watch truTV. The following tip will enable you to watch truTV when travelling abroad or if you live abroad and want to watch tru TV.

First, you have to be a cable subscriber for this to work. In case you have previously used truTV back home, you know that you need to login using your cable subscription information on the truTV website.

Step 2 is changing your location because truTV can identify whether you’re located outside the USA or not. They do this by looking at your computers IP address, that is a unique number you get from the ISP you’re using at the time.

Mock Your Location and Watch truTV from All over

If you’re in a hotel room in Paris, then truTV will be capable of identifying you are placed in France. Just how do you disguise your actual location from truTV? The best solution though is quite simple, actually. You need to link your PC to a so-called the way to Watch truTV Outside the USA

Setting up a Virtual Private Network is quite simple. All you require is an account with a VPN. We prefer to use HideMyAss because they have excellent speed and servers located around the globe. After you are signed up for an account, just install their software on either your Mac or PC and launch the application. Then it is just a matter of choosing one of the US servers from the list and clicking connect. After that, your IP will be shown as being in the USA if the app is running.

The trick unblocks truTV and other US-only services like Hulu or Netflix too. For this reason, a VPN connection is extremely useful when travelling. In addition to the ability to mask your location, the Virtual Private Network connection will also encrypt your data-that is essential while using public Wi-Fi in public spaces such as hotel rooms etc.

The security makes it extremely hard for cyber criminals to snoop on sensitive information that you receive and send on your laptop or computer when signing in and out of internet sites and so forth. Anyway, this is all it requires to watch truTV outside US. Please note that you need to be a cable subscriber if you wish for this procedure to be a success.