Learning the Truths about HideMyAss In Depth!


Truth about HideMyAss Learning the Truths about HideMyAss In Depth!

VPN has been going from strength to strength over the past few years, due to the wonderful features that they get to offer Internet users. So, it goes without even questioning that the popularity lying beneath the use of VPN can be totally justified. Internet users can enjoy full anonymity as a result of no logs and encrypted data, as well as the opportunity to unblock any website or application that has been banned due to copyright issues or geographical restricted.

Finally, speed can be enhanced through the use of VPN and this completes the amazing benefits that someone can enjoy without fail. One of the top VPN providers available for you to choose from is in fact HideMyAss with millions of subscribers so far, servers located in more than 50 countries and a great overall feedback. However, since there have been several issues highlighted when it comes to HideMyAss, it is now high time you learnt the truths about HideMyAss without any further delay.

HideMyAss: Logging Policy

The first issue that needs to be clarified is indeed the logging policy and security that is followed by HMA, as well as by many other VPN providers. Even though there is the promotion of no logging whatsoever, in the case of the HideMyAss scandal with a criminal named Cody Kretsinger that used to hack Sony Pictures among many other activities – HMA was forced to bring forward the logs requested by FBI.

However, this makes total sense since the logs of VPN users can be generated automatically. Nevertheless, the record of logs can only be accepted in such a case where law enforcement is an issue. So, unless you are planning to do something illegal there is no need for you to worry about HMA and its privacy policy. On top of that, for security reasons you need to choose a well established VPN provider that has proven its privacy value and its premium quality in general.

Considering that, HideMyAss claims that they never keep personal logs of their users but as for our studies HMA system do keep de-personal for diagnosing that include log time and duration, IP address being used for the connection and byte usage. But that actually is a good thing for a user because it helps diagnose server speed and other issues quickly – without having to get in touch with their customer support team.

Massive Number of Servers

Moving on, we need to state the wide range of servers featured in HideMyAss. This can be highlighted most eloquently after taking a look at the locations of the numerous servers that HMA can take pride in. The outstanding number of 374 servers situated in 53 countries and offering more than 44,000 IP addresses can be the most wonderful proof of the broad network of HMA that can serve the needs of all customers all over the world.

Affordable Prices

As for the price rates, there are affordable solutions for you to consider when it comes to HMA. It is true that regardless of the overall time period of your subscription you are going to get the same level of quality services. However, the more you commit through the length of your subscription the more affordable the price per month gets.

Effective Technical Support

Another thing that you need to consider regarding HMA is in fact the technical support and customers’ care. This is a department that has been regarded as less than perfect by many customers, although we have never encountered any problem ourselves. After several complaints though, the person in charge from HMA has promised to do his best so as to better the overall customers’ support offered all day long. The great thing is that there are numerous different options for you to select from concerning HMA, including live chat, forums, emails and the use of social media.

Versatility and Powerful App

Finally, we have to mention the versatile nature and the powerful software of HMA. It is in fact fully compatible with Windows and Mac, Linux (in Alpha version), Android and iOS as well as any other mobile device. What is more, if you go for HideMyAss! Pro VPN you can enjoy some extra features of wonderful value including Speed Guide, Load Balancing and Secure IP Bind, as much as Scheduled IP Changes. To cut a long story short, HMA can offer you the best software and the most advanced options on the market.

After learning the truths about HideMyAss, you can easily comprehend why such a VPN provider has been made so popular to the public. It is certainly the ultimate VPN for you to engage in!