Trsst a Safer Alternative to Twitter – Ready to be Launched


Social media can take pride in adding one truly competitive option related to Twitter and called Trsst. Having been conceived as an idea from Michael Powers and having reached its goal regarding funding, Trsst is on its way to launch in December and change the way social media deals with security measures.

In a world where online personal information can be used in multiple ways, it is essential that an alternative option comes our way and helps us overcome such barriers. As you might have guessed, Trsst is actually pronounced as Trist but there is a direct connection with the words of Trust and RSS.

This clever name highlights most eloquently the ability of Trsst users to follow RSS feeds as well as other Trsst users. What Michael Powers attempts to do is in fact remarkable and his Kickstarter has been put into effect successfully, placing Trsst in orbit for all of us to anticipate for. So, let us have a closer look at the very concept of Trsst, the safer alternative to Twitter.

Trsst as a Safer Twitter Alternative to Use

Although Michael Powers does not expect to outweigh the popularity of Twitter and Facebook, there is the hope of inspiring them and altering security measures for the better. It is true that Trsst enables you to communicate in full encryption and therefore you do not have to worry about any leaks or security breaches.

With so many intimidating facts adding to our lack of feeling protected and to our non existent online privacy, Trsst can come us a wonderful surprise. There is no way that the Government or anyone else can grab hold of your personal information, since there are no logs. What is more, there are various servers where all the data is kept and so it is not plausible for anyone to trace you back and hold you responsible for your online presence.

So, this micro blogging platform can truly shape the future and help people contact each other in the best manner possible. The sharing process is based on P2P and resembles BitCoin. The only thing that we are left to identify is whether Trsst can live up to the challenge and appear to be a safer alternative to Twitter with great feedback and ongoing popularity all over the world. We can only hope!