TorGuard Review – Total Security at Affordable Prices or Filthy Claim


TorGuard Review TorGuard Review   Total Security at Affordable Prices or Filthy Claim

TorGuard is a well established company offering the opportunity to customers to enjoy great services at fairly low price rates. It includes the use of various servers in many different countries and therefore can take pride in providing all the necessary tools for unlimited satisfaction, deriving from anonymity and great speed during web surfing.

Below we have analyzed the most important aspects of TorGuard so as to give you a complete comprehension of both the pros and cons of such an option in VPN. We’re positive that you’ll find our TorGuard review useful and thorough, since it is meant to help you out and expand your knowledge on the subject of such providers.

Pricing and Features of TorGuard

As we have stated above, TorGuard can offer the opportunity for you to connect to the web using numerous servers based primarily in Europe, as well as USA and Canada. In this way, you can ensure that you are not limited to just a few servers and potentially come up with obstacles due to heavy traffic.

Unlimited bandwidth and fast speed are advertised and after having put them to the test we have to acknowledge that the results have been remarkable and consistent. Your IP address is encrypted and so can all of your data be through the use of VPN, while another wonderful feature is that of being able to use free anonymous email.

What is more, there is an Android app that enables smooth operation and is a bonus as well, even though it can temporarily serve rooted devices at its beta form. Finally, we have to state that TorGuard is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and generally any device.

TorGuard VPN Prices TorGuard Review   Total Security at Affordable Prices or Filthy Claim

As for the price rates, we have found some confusing information when we visited their website. There are three different packages advertised, whereas in reality we have been able to access two of them. The price of $9.99 per month for VPN services is not that cheap, but it can be lowered by subscribing for longer.

The best value for money lies beneath the annual package that is offered for $59.99. if you keep in mind that there is a free 24 hour trial and full guarantee of your money back for a month, going for a long term commitment seems like the best way to go. When it comes to payments, they have got amazing flexibility since they accept credit cards, Paypal and Bitcoin.

Customers’ Care and Anonymity

Moving on with our TorGuard review, there is the customers’ care department along with technical support. The truth is that the options provided are limited. You can get a ticket and submit a request online, but their live chat has always been off line when we called out for them. However, on the bright side there are numerous tutorials and descriptive answers to FAQ, as well as a forum for instant assistance.

TorGuard VPN support TorGuard Review   Total Security at Affordable Prices or Filthy Claim

Regarding anonymity now, of course the acknowledgement that no logs are kept is great. Nevertheless, before signing up you are requested to include a lot of personal information. This can be disturbing, especially concerning the need to include a credit card (which can be overcome by selecting Paypal as your payment method). On top of that, TOS are huge and there is no way somebody is going to read all that at once.

Security and TorGuard

In terms of security, TorGuard truly rocks. It can use PPTP/L2TP protocols as much as OpenVPN, so the choices for you are not limited. Of course, no logs are kept and this is something truly worth mentioning again. P2P is allowed and there is the option of using Viscosity VPN that can work wonders for your devices and your web surfing in general as the leading OpenVPN alternative on the market. A downside to all that is the fact that there is no official support provided for iOS customers in the field of OpenVPN, which can be frustrating at times.

Bottom Line

Overall, TorGuard is a decent VPN provider that can help you out reap the benefits of such wonderful features including anonymity and full encryption of your data, along with unblocking of thousands of websites and apps worldwide.

Throughout our TorGuard review we enjoyed the fast speed and the flexibility in the refund, the payment methods which are abundant and the Viscosity VPN option, as well as its perfect compatibility with different OS and devices. On the other hand, we did not enjoy the slightly expensive monthly charge, the lack of proper customers’ care and the confusion regarding the plans offered in their websites.

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