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Top VPN Providers — Updated March 2014

Have you been in need of comparing and contrasting VPN providers, but it used to be too difficult to pull through on your own? Well, you do not have to worry about it any more! Below you are going to find our list with the top 10 VPN providers available on the market to this day. This list is updated on an ongoing basis, in order to cover any breaking news or amendment in their plans, policies and overall performance.

Of course, we have tested out each and every single one of these VPN providers thoroughly in terms of network security, reliability, speed and tech support. As you will come to see, there are slight differences when it comes to the price rates or the security protocols used, but as whole they all meet the criteria of wonderful quality services provided to the public. After our description of each VPN provider, you will notice a link to their full review and another redirecting you to their own website. These links add to your utmost satisfaction and convenience and we suggest you use them.

In each VPN provider, you get to check whether or not there is a free trial available for you to put into effect. Apparently this is of prime importance, as such complimentary time periods offer you the time to test the VPN provider of your liking without taking any risk at all. So, our advice to you would be to grab half of such opportunities highlighted below. It’s worth it!

For information on more VPN providers than the ones listed here, you can always check through our VPN whole directory. For a more brief comparison, you can also have a look here. Enjoy!


HMA Summer Offer Top Providers

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#1 – HideMyAss: Long Standing Industry Leader

During the last couple of years, we have examined countless VPN services – that is the internet business we are in, we must say. In our professional opinion we have found HideMyAss VPN to be ahead of its peers available in the market today. Undoubtedly, there are numerous fantastic VPN providers in the market, so allow the HideMyAss numbers to speak for themselves.

Concerning HideMyAss, almost all accounts provide complete access to more than 60,500 IP’s in 509 VPN servers spread out in 63 nations. In case you want overall stability, speed, accessibility and satisfaction, Hidemyass is a fantastic option to pick.

That being said, you should take into consideration the provider’s weak points like unavailability of devoted IPs, no support for SSTP and the monthly expense as you compare its services with some other relatively good VPN providers.

New customers can quickly reap the benefits of a risk-free 30-day trial offer (includes a complete refund guarantee). So, you can get full refund, if for any reason whatsoever their services fall below your expectations.

Nothing on the planet is perfect; right so, HideMyAss isn’t too. Please go through our comprehensive HideMyAss review to find out more about this provider and decide if it stands tall with your requirements or not.


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#2- ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has been a wonderful competitor in the field of exceptional VPN services. The servers used are located in 33 countries and their network does not cease to expand.

You can enjoy wonderful speed rates and infinite bandwidth when you select such a VPN provider. The great news is that it is compatible in all OS and devices, supporting all kinds of security protocols without fail.

They have a wide array of security protocols including L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, SSL, SSTP, and OpenVPN. The number of operating-systems and mobile phones that facilitates ExpressVPN is quite outstanding too. ExpressVPN could be installed on Mac OS, Windows, Android devices, Linux and the iPad/iPhone.

As for the downturns, like HMA it does not include dedicated IPs and it does not offer a free trial. However, there is also a 30 day full money refund guarantee that you can use. P2P is not allowed via ExpressVPN, so if this your main concern you should think twice.

All in all, ExpressVPN is a reliable option for you to enjoy. For further info, you can always look in our ExpressVPN detailed review.


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#3- IPVanish

IPVanish is a promising VPN provider with over 110 servers globally located in 47 countries and still growing stronger by the minute. As it claims, it can offer fast and reliable performance across the world and it can deliver premium quality results to all customers.

This is a neat effort coming from the United States in the field of VPN services, with superb results and with great room for improvement.

IPVanish has the quickest developing network of IPs and servers all over the world. IPVanish is currently rated as the quickest rate-1 VPN system available. When using IPVanish, you’ll never encounter a poor connection.

Here we face similar disadvantages as to the rest of the VPN providers mentioned above. There is no actual free trial and the money guarantee does not stretch for over a week. No dedicated IPs and no support for SSTP provided.

Still, this is one of the best VPN options for you to carry on and learn more about via our IPVanish simple review.


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#4- PureVPN

PureVPN has made quite an entrance in the competition regarding VPN providers from all over the globe. With awesome services provided, you can rest assured that PureVPN is here to stay and will compensate you for your decision to subscribe to one of the plans offered. There are servers in 26 countries and the IPs used so far overpass 22,000.

This is impressive! You can switch from one server to the next without any limitations and you can benefit from the newly offered 5 multi-login features, for great simultaneous VPN connections to your devices.

PureVPN provides VPN access via almost every single operating-system and mobile device. This is particularly significant for people who prefer to use their smart phones and tablets. PureVPN also can be utilized on DD-WRT Routers.

Despite the fact that there’re a lot of accessible VPN methodologies, OpenVPN is lacking. But, PureVPN seems to be a fantastic selection of VPN supplier because of its high stability, highly value, and all round user experience.

Among the negative aspects, we can find the paid trial and the three days full money guarantee – which can be insufficient for concluding as to whether or not such a VPN provider meets your needs.

For a better understanding of what PureVPN is all about, please visit our PureVPN full review.


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#5- VyprVPN

If you are looking for fast speed and great special features, then VyprVPN can be the perfect match for you. With over 200,000 IP addresses for you to hide behind and with infinite bandwidth topped with remarkable fast results, they have definitely rocked the world of VPN! VyprVPN offers unlimited switches among servers and free apps for both desktops and mobile devices.

Customer support for VyprVPN is not the best we have seen in the industry. For example, you cannot get in touch with a customer support consultant instantly. For a company associated with a rich technological history, it’s a shame that they do not have any kind of live chat options, or support cell phone numbers on their site.

Despite the fact that their server network is quite massive, the servers that are utilized to provide VPN solutions for customers around the world are restricted to US, Hong Kong, Canada, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

On the other hand, the fastest VPN in the world is not combined with the fastest turnaround when it comes to customers’ service. Although they claim otherwise, the truth is that there are problems in this department. No free trials – just a 7 day full money refund guarantee.

For more details, do try our VyprVPN comprehending review.


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#6- CactusVPN

This is another newbie in the industry of VPN providers that has made it to the top right from the start! With great speed and with P2P being embraced when you choose servers in the Netherlands, you can get wonderful results without fail.

Unlimited bandwidth and speed get combined with the full security protocols’ support and with a 30 day full money refund guarantee, which is a delight!

On the other hand, servers that do support P2P may be heavily trafficked from time to time and this can cause discomfort and less than perfect outcome for you. The limited servers can also be a problem for the overall performance that you get at times.

In case you need accessibility to P2P visitors; you can simply select the Netherlands web server. Spending a premium for that costly package can’t be justified mainly because you acquire just three distinct server areas as per your choices. You will find other VPN businesses that provide a lot more servers perfectly similar subscription charges.

As a whole, CactusVPN is a well respected newbie that can meet the criteria of many customers and is worth trying out. Through the CactusVPN complete review, you can check it out!


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#7- StrongVPN

StrongVPN is a well established VPN provider that prides in offering great Internet services since 1995. It includes more than 350 servers in 19 countries and that adds up to the well over 12,000 IPs for you to enjoy.

Unlimited bandwidth is always a pleasure to be provided and so is the infinite speed. Support is available 24/7 and you can also benefit from a 7 day full money refund guarantee. Tutorials and guides are helpful and detailed for you to make use of.

As the studies shows, if StrongVPN presented better customer support and feedback to its clients, they would attract more individuals. StrongVPN is ideal for technically skilled VPN customers searching for a long-term contract.

On the other hand now, there is not a monthly plan for you to enjoy. Then, you can also benefit from 5 free switches among servers per month. If you need more, the cost can be too much and this puts several customers off from trying StrongVPN out.

If you want to get more info, look through our StrongVPN review.


NordVPN Top Providers

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#8- NordVPN

NordVPN includes servers in 14 countries and has gained positive feedback for its overall performance and affordability. Besides unlimited bandwidth and great speed, it can provide Double VPN, Open VPN, Tor over VPN and Proxy, as well as L2TP. The customers’ care is impressive and there is great flexibility when it comes to the payment methods you choose for your subscription.

It works on well-known operating-systems like Linux, Windows, Mac and overall widely used operation systems are suitable with NordVPN. In case you’re more of a cell, smartphone or tablet consumer, NordVPN can also work for you, as it works with numerous mobile operating-systems. All in all, our thorough review pretty much recommends NordVPN to individuals and business, and we’re positive that you won’t regret after getting your hand on it.

What can be a problem is the limited number of servers that can be used when you subscribe to NordVPN. For a relatively new VPN provider, this can cause additional problems and this is somehow a concern for many customers.

For a more detailed insight, look through our NordVPN comprehensive review.


BolehVPN R Top Providers

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#9- BolehVPN

BolehVPN has managed to enter the world of competitive VPN providers from day one. With amazing speed and reliability, it can offer literally everything a VPN user would want.

There is not a limit as to the bandwidth used and there is the wonderful lack of lagging and other interruptions that have made us get our thumbs up for this provider.

The reliability and speed is amazing and although there are just a handful of servers, the end result is hard to beat. Combined with free membership versions, plus shared IPs, BolehVPN is a really good bet.

Problems do exist, mainly in the fact that you have to ask for being given a free 3 day trial and for having no actual policy for refund. Their website is not the coolest that we have seen, but you get past that once you have been offered great solutions.

If you wish to have another glance, use our BolehVPN indepth review.


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#10- BananaVPN

BananaVPN completes our list with the top 10 VPN providers universally. Although there are 15 servers in 7 countries, you can switch freely among them for the best performance guaranteed.

All security protocols are supported and there is unlimited bandwidth, along with top speed offered without any discomfort. They have been around since 2007 and their consistency has always been remarkable.

However, for all those who enjoy P2P this is not a safe solution. They are against such activities and their limited servers back them up on that. There might be additional problems with the heavy traffic at several occasions.

In general, BananaVPN is a great VPN provider for maintaining your anonymity and accessing geo-blocked websites globally. For further info, do check through our BananaVPN review.


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