Christmas Season: Top Offers and Discounts in VPN and Great Holiday Spirit!


Christmas is closing in and most of us are in a frenzy trying to figure out which the top gifts would be for all of our loved ones. However, wouldn’t it be wonderful if somebody thought of us for a change? Well, enough with the nagging! Our top VPN providers have brought Christmas a bit earlier and they are able to provide us with some stunning discounts and offers. What are you waiting for? Enjoy these holidays and welcome the Santa right away. Don’t hold your horses, though! These offers are only accessible till the holidays, so you better watch out and indulge in them without any further to do!


Christmas donkey on the way, ho ho ho! Incredible discounts that stretch from $9.99 for the monthly plan, to the awesome $39.99 for the semi-annual plan and the spectacular $59.99 for the annual package. Yeah, that’s right! Up to 56% off discount for all Internet users who cannot do without VPN! With a 30 day full money refund guarantee, what’s keeping you? Enjoy!


Snow has begun falling for PureVPN as well and the hits just keep on rolling! This is why in PureVPN you can enjoy breathtaking discounts for the holidays. The one month plan is offered for $7.95, whereas you can benefit from the 6 months plan at $39.95 and…wait for it! Yes! A whole year offered for the glorious $49.95. What a gift for those of us VPN lovers out there!


Till the first day of 2014, we can benefit from a remarkable offer coming from the Christmas spirit in IPVanish. They are eager to welcome the New Year with a wonderful discount. If you make use of their seasonal code “HOLIDAY13”, you will be spared 25% of their yearly plan (a whole year for just $58.49!!!). It is only valid for the new accounts, but still it is something truly worth considering – especially with the 7 day full money refund guarantee, don’t you think?


OK, let’s face it! Christmas trees are far more appealing than cactuses! This is why people in CactusVPN have added their gold decorated Christmas tree and they have been lowering their prices (without stating where how long such discounts will last for) and they now offer 20% to 30% off everything. Unique flexibility, without any doubt!


In LiquidVPN they are way festive! They offer 30% discount for their annual Pro VPN plan. You simply write down the “bestof2013” in their coupon codes and you are in! Offers standing till January 14th, so don’t waste any time!

This lovely Romanian VPN service kisses 2013 goodbye with an even lovelier offer. 35% discounts for everything you get till January 5th. The only requirement is that you add “BYE2013” where you are asked for a coupon code.


This is another remarkable offer, just tailored for the needs of Christmas and New Year! Starting from December 20th and being valid up till January 14th, you can get 20% discount for all the packages that you are interested in. Just place “XMAS 2013” as a valid coupon code and behold the lowered prices!


Last but not least, the holiday season has got into VyprVPN as well and has cut down all the prices in half! 50% off every single package should not be left unnoticed, wouldn’t you say so?

We know that you are excited to read all about these discounts. It is great to be treated like that by VPN providers that never fail to satisfy your needs. So, this holiday season you can jump right in and enjoy the discounts and offers that VPN can offer you. Do not miss out on these discounts and we promise to keep you updated regarding any other gifts falling from the sky and into our arms!