Top 5 Alternative Options When It Comes to WhatsApp


Top 5 Alternatives to WhatsApp Top 5 Alternative Options When It Comes to WhatsApp

Facebook has announced the deal with WhatsApp and the world of online security was shaken intensely! It is true that this combination is quite explosive and can trigger quite severe consequences. This is why so many Internet users are in desperate need of finding the perfect alternative to WhatsApp. If you are among such people and if you want to sleep tight without worrying about your privacy altogether, here you go with some truly impressive and secure alternatives in this field! Have a look and weigh your options prudently, in order to get the best performance out of the service of your preference:

  • Threema: This is a Swiss service that has just doubled its customers overnight, with the German market embracing such an alternative to online security. Open source end-to-end encryption can vouch for top notch outcome, without jeopardizing anything regarding encryption and therefore privacy online. It is truly simple and easy to use, without any complication getting in the way and preventing you from enjoying the service to the fullest.
  • ChatSecure: This service is even more powerful than Threema, since its open source end-to-end encryption is full and without any exceptions. The service is offered free of charge, unlike Threema which is offered at $1.99 per month. Of course, both options do not pose any real obstacle financially.
  • SureSpot: This is an encrypted messenger that can take pride in offering open source 512-bit AES-GCM encryption at all times. It is a great bonus to be able to send lengthy messages, rather than divide them into smaller ones. There is no advertising, while you can also send voice messages.
  • TextSecure: Another private messenger is that of TextSecure, enabling group chat and of course open source without any risk whatsoever. Through the use of Perfect Forward Secrecy, you can minimize the damage, even if a message becomes compromised partially. This means that you do not need to worry about overall threats, in such discomforting situations. It is available for Android.
  • Wickr: Highlighting self destructing messaging, Wickr is able to offer you smooth online security without fail. According to your desire, you can select the time frame after which your text will be erased. It is uniquely easy to use and this helps everyone become familiar with such services.

These are some of the most notable alternatives, when compared to WhatsApp. If you take a look, you will realize that end-to-end encryption and open source options are of crucial use to such services. So, if you value your privacy a great deal and you do not want to settle for anything less than the perfect performance and the optimum level of security, you should turn to either one of these options. You will not regret such an amendment, that’s for sure!