“The Snowden Files”: A Book about the World’s Most Wanted Man Made Public


Edward Snowden has definitely been the talk of the town for a long time now. So, most people have been dying to get some inside info on this man. It is not so frequent for a person to turn from an ordinary man who worked as an IT contractor to a leaker of top classified documents that have gigantic impact on the lives of every single person and of course on the US Government and the NSA. This is how History is formed and Edward Snowden is one of the most important shapers worldwide. As a result, there has been growing anticipation for a book to be published on Edward Snowden’s history till now.

The author of the book is a reporter for the Guardian, as most of you might have guessed. Luke Harding unveils a lot of mysteries inside the pages of “The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man”. It will be released for the public of the US on February 11th and it is definitely going to be a best seller in a jiffy. Among the juiciest content in the book, there is the first contact of Edward Snowden with the reporter that has stood by him all this time and has come to know and respect him, Glenn Greenwald. Edward Snowden asked of the reporter to install PGP encryption before they get in touch and now the reporter admits that this has been a wise thing to do!

Inside the book, we also learn about the dilemma in which the editor of the Guardian found herself and the way she handled the White House, as well as the NSA and FBI. Of course, now Edward Snowden has sought and received asylum in Russia. Still, he has been under serious risk over time and this has made him suspicious and hardened, in a way. This is the only way to deal with people fighting against the truth and revelations that are made in favour of the public, after all.

We cannot wait to get our hands on this book, so that we can have an inside peek on what has been going on in the field of online security, breakthroughs, secrets and threats. Fascinating news, without a doubt!