The Smart Car Conundrum



We have found ways to automate everything in our daily lives. It is interesting to observe progress, since we are getting more and more conveniences without even asking for them. In the past few years alone there have been many improvements, which have made the lives of the whole of humanity easier. It is worth exploring them, though some of them might prove to be highly controversial. In this next text we will explore such a new technology and how it can actually affect your online privacy without you even realizing.

The first and most important thing, which can be discussed in this graph, is the so-called smart car. The cars we are used to driving are quickly changing, and it is easy to say that their improvements are majestic. What happens when you can involve the words web safety when it comes to cars however, it turns out that by 2017, there will be significant improvements – over 60 % of manufactured cars will have built-in internet capabilities. This will allow you to commit to a lot of things, both for work, and for pleasure. So where is the bad in that?

When you have so many optimizations within your car, it is easy to consider the fact that you will be able to connect to everything. You will be able to check your mail, or even see what’s going on in your banking account. You will always be informed, and you will even be able to have Skype calls. That way when you step out of the office, you will not have to use a hands-free device, but instead you will talk using the interface of the car. It is easy to say how your internet anonymity can be invaded.

To explain it easily, we can say that even though you are mobile, this does not guarantee you that you are non-hack-able. Even though you are on the move, people will detect you through your usual channels. Without the capability to react, you are turning into an even bigger target. The worst thing about this, is the fact that our governments will be capable to keep track of us in much more detail. This is the moment where your web privacy truly is destroyed. Imagine the government keeping track of everything you do behind the wheel. They will monitor your activities and this might even lead to insurance companies basing their policies on the way you drive.

It is easy to say that with technology such as this, you will never be able to enjoy a calm drive on your own ever again. It is worth to have some form of convenience in our cars, but to what extent? You need to make sure that you are taking care of your online safety at all times if you want to feel safe. Obviously the ever-changing technologies are not going to do that on their own, so you need to take the process into your own hands.