The Rise of VPN Demand in the World


The world has seen quite a lot lately, especially with the many political scandals that have taken place. The most essential one of course, is the NSA scandal when the whistleblower Edward Snowden ended up showing us what the extensive program of the NSA for tracking the internet really is. This of course means that a lot of people actually panicked because they felt that their online privacy is in danger. This is why it is worth to explore how this has affected the business environment. Here we will discuss the rising demand for virtual private network coverage.

For those, who have been sleeping for the past couple of months, the situation must be clarified. Not too long ago, Snowden was working for the NSA as a contractor, and uncovered to what extents their program for internet monitoring reached. It turned out that it invaded all sorts of online privacy. Especially then, few were the people who actually used a vpn, so basically everyone was under a close watch. This is why he decided to do something about it, and told everyone. Now he is being hunted for prosecution.
But why are we involving private networks into this discussion? Simply put, it is the most secure thing we have in order to protect our online privacy properly. It is an incredibly complex system, which allows us to encrypt the data ingoing and outgoing from our computers. It is transported through completely secure tunnels, which cannot be penetrated by regular hacking attempts. This is why it is so great. However, it is not completely impossible to be cracked. This is why some people are still worried about the usage of a VPN for their daily business. Still, the rise is quite big.
Statistically looking, it is easy to say that the demand for virtual private network services has grown exponentially in the past two months. There is an increase of at least 200%. The interesting thing is that even people who are generally not technically inclined, have still learned of the safety which a VPN provides. This is especially true for business owners, who are working outside of the IT branch. Despite of that, there is a lot of sensitive information, which could be handled. This is why those who learned that they can be observed at any given time, have decided to do something about it.
In theory this sounds great, but there is one general problem. If the NSA decides that it is interested in you, it will find a way to break through your VPN. So even though it is highly advisable you get a network up and running, you should keep in mind that you are always at risk. With that in mind, go and find an obscure provider. That way you will at least know that there are no logs of your activities. If you are about to be hidden, make it properly.