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The Best VPN Providers

Pick the best VPN service for your needs. Review and compare the top 3 best VPN providers

Updated March 2014

Have you been in search of the top VPN provider of the global marketplace? Have you been trying to enhance your online protection and remain untraceable no matter what? Well, it is certainly a great idea of yours to look through your VPN options. We aim at providing you with the latest news and info as to the leading VPN providers that can meet your needs.

Below, you can find some of the striking benefits that you can reap when it comes to VPN. Besides that, you will be able to compare and contrast our top three options, promptly and efficiently. After having tested out all of them, we are able to inform you thoroughly as to their top features, as well as their downsides. Let’s start, shall we?


Benefits of using a VPN

✔ Protected and Private Web connection. When you use VPN, your data is fully encrypted. Even in the most unsecured places (including wi-fi hotspots) you remain thoroughly protected through the infiltration of your personal information. You do not have to avoid any websites, provided that your VPN is turned on and running smoothly.
✔ Invisibility is Impossible in The Real Physical World. You can choose to navigate the web without leaving any trace of your presence. This helps you surf the web without the fear of hackers, prying eyes of the authorities and other online dangers and threats. You can hide your true online identity within flashes of moments and renew your IP address as frequently as you like.
✔ Secure All Data (Incoming and Outgoing). All your data is perfectly secured through the use of VPN. Sensitive information and top secret documents can be treasured and left unnoticed by others, when you shield your web connection respectively and you subscribe to VPN.
✔ Access Limited Sites and Bypass Web Censorship. Another great benefit that you can enjoy when using VPN is that of unblocking any geographically restricted website and app globally. After choosing the proper server for the job, you can change your IP address and manage to overcome all kinds of censorship.


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#1 HideMyAss

✔ Editor’s Choice: Best VPN
✔ PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN Protocols
✔ Most Server Locations of Any VPN
✔ Unlimited Speed & Bandwidth
✔ 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Full Review

#2 ExpressVPN

✔ Unlimited Bandwidth and Speed
✔ Advanced and Easy-to-Use Software
✔ Win, Android, iOS, Mac
✔ 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Full Review

#3 IPvanish

✔7000+ IPs, 110+ servers and 47 countries
✔ Mobile Apps Free of Cost
✔ P2P & Voip Allowed
✔ L2TP, PPTP Protocols, OpenVPN
✔ 7-day Money Back Guarantee

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Are you in need of more options? Then, you had better look through our top 10 VPN providers and their brief comparison to your optimal benefit.