Terms of Service for Sony’s PS4 Changed Just Hours After Release


Sony has pulled a fast one on its gaming community, specifically the PS4 gaming community. Just hours after the release of the much awaited gaming console, Sony announced that it was reviewing the TOS and released new terms which state that the company may record and collect or even have other users send user generated media, texts, voice messages and video of gameplay.

The company or its agents may also collect and record the time and location of your gaming activities, your IP address among other personal data for its use or the use of its affiliated companies.

Now, we are no legal professionals, and we won’t even pretend to be but when you look at those terms and conditions, Sony is basically saying that it can spy on you, it can have other users spy on you and it will share your information with related companies. The definition of ‘affiliated companies’ remains open to imagination. Think anywhere from data mining companies to the NSA, and everything in between.

To curb some of this blatant violation of privacy without having to give up on your gaming life-honestly, who wants to give up on their gaming?-you can use a VPN service from a stable provider like HideMyAss. VPN helps you stay relatively anonymous by allowing you to change your IP address. For data collection, everything starts with the user’s location. Now, if you can change your location, the data collected on you will be pretty much useless since it can’t provide proper raw figures for analysis.