Tech Giants Now Write to the Government Over Surveillance Logs


Big internet and tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon have allegedly written to President Obama’s administration over the infamous surveillance logs. The companies have joined hands in a rare gesture that aims at allowing them to release t the public details of what they give the government.

The move comes on the back of a strong backlash against these companies from the public after it was disclosed that they were involved in the NSA’s PRIM debacle. The official letter was copied to the Director of national intelligence, House Speaker, AG, Director of the NSA and the Senate’s Majority Leader.

The letter took note of the sections of law that mandate companies to release user information under the Patriot act post 9/11 but it also expressed the need for more transparency when a data request is made. The tech companies argue that while it is not possible to have full disclosure on these PRISM requests for data, they are of the opinion that small steps need to be taken to ensure that in the future we will have reasonable transparency.

Many will argue that this is just a well orchestrated PR campaign by big business because the government is unlikely to relent. We will have to just wait and see what comes of it when the government makes its reply.

It is heart-warming to see big companies try and make a case for their users but we all must acknowledge that privacy online starts with the individual user. You are the only person who can take care of your internet privacy and anonymity. With tools like VPN from reputable companies like HideMyAss VPN at their disposure, citizens should be able to maintain a respectable degree of online privacy and anonymity.