SwitchVPN Review – Unrevealed Tale


switchvpn review1 SwitchVPN Review   Unrevealed Tale

SwitchVPN might not be the type of VPN that many may opt to review, however with a second and an in-depth glance, it certainly contains features that are attractive to VPN users. Currently, SwitchVPN is rated at 81% which reflects a promising service. Their typical VPN features include VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. It has several server locations with a broad compatibility with Linux, Mac and Windows. Internet ready mobile devices and Smart phones are also supported through PPTP and L2TP.

SwitchVPN allows its users to watch and stream from popular video sites like Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Netflix. Most VPN providers do not offer money refund guarantee but this SwitchVPN review does.

There are a few app features that most VPNs have but not few offer these services. Luckily, SwitchVPN provides for these features and treats them as their asset. Foremost, SwitchVPN offer unlimited bandwidth to their VPN clients. Most like service providers give this at an upgraded package plan hence more costly. They permit P2P and keep no provider logs for ultimate privacy. Their servers are located in UK and the US with a $6 monthly standard price. In terms of customer support, there is a special contact email besides a live support to reach their clients. They also provide a monthly relatively strong service with 1024-2048 bit encryption.

In this SwitchVPN review, like any other VPN, has Pros as well as cons. One of their downsides is in their standard plan whereby monthly subscription is limited to a one country location. This means that a user has to choose whether it’s going to be US, UK, DE, NL or Canada. Moreover, the standard plan allows for P2P only in NL. Additionally, their Combo OpenVPN plan is priced at $12 a month and this is somewhat expensive. Their money back/refund guarantee is valid only for 48 hours which is relatively short for a client who has not yet appreciated the service entirely.

Even though there are shortcomings for SwitchVPN service provider, generally speaking, SwitchVPN is very reliable and fast. Nevertheless, there are still other VPNs for individuals who looking for something cheaper, with more than one server options and better guarantees. If you are also interested in discovering more about top VPN providers and go with a top VPN.