Swiss Threema Winning the German Internet Users Due to Encryption Standards


Threema is a company offering encryption from Switzerland and it takes pride in leaving nothing penetrable. Unlike giants on the global market, there is solid encryption taking place in Threema and end-to-end encryption features, which makes all the difference.

As a consequence, the Germans have turned to such an option. They believe that the services provided by the Swiss are far more effective towards encryption than other competitors, including WhatsApp. Who can blame them, especially after all the flaws and oversights that have been brought to light after the deal of WhatsApp with Facebook that cost the humongous $19 billion?

The people working in Threema claim that their success has to do with the acknowledgement that not even they have access to the messages sent by the users of this paid app. The German public has embraced the efforts of the three members of the Swiss team and placed them on top of their choices, with more than 30 million subscribers using Threema to this day. This is certainly a surprise and we cannot wait to see what these encryption experts are willing to do, as a token of gratitude for such a welcoming statement!