Huge Penalty of $652,000 from Sweden regarding Piracy


A man from Sweden was forced by law to pay the astronomic amount of $652,000 for sharing a film online. This is the most eloquent means of displaying what will come next in similar cases of piracy. Being a prominent victory for anti-piracy group Rights Alliance, the sentence was welcomed in utter satisfaction. Of course, the penalty has been given out to him after the losses have been estimated by the film studio of the shared content.

It seems a bit strange that such severe rulings have been handed out to a single person, simply for doing something that is common practice among people in Sweden and internationally. This is in fact what Peter Sunde has commented on after the penalty, alongside with his irony regarding the accusation of file sharing being referred to as organized crime. Peter Sunde is a founding member of the Pirate Bay and an activist for the Pirate Party and could not conceal his worries about what is about to come.

Gustav Nipe from the youth organization of the Pirate Party on the other hand took it a step further and suggested that the only solution against such injustice being served globally would be the radical reform of similar laws and the ability to share content of culture without any penalties.

Of course, nobody can argue that the film industry suffers from significant losses due to the piracy phenomenon. However, never has there been such a severe penalty to a singe person whose name is kept unknown. There is a promise on behalf of the film industry representatives and legal advisors that similar cases will be brought to light in the near future, with similar penalties and other means of protection against piracy.

In order to fight off such negative effects of being penalized for something that many regard as fair and righteous, the use of VPN is a necessity. So, do not miss out on the opportunity emerging as to your protection and anonymity online.