Target Stores Being Hacked and Credit Card Purchases Being at Stake


Another incident of fraud came to light just a few days earlier, with Target becoming a target itself for hackers! As it has been acknowledged, more than 40 million credit card purchases have been under attack and thus they have been compromised, during the festive period between Black Friday and December 15th.

The compromising did not happen in the online stores of Target (as everybody would assume, having read till now), but in the brick and mortar stores. The company has verified the incident and has called for help, while at the same time it has alerted the authorities and has raised concern to its customers.

In specific, what seems to have been intercepted by the hackers includes the date of expiration, the number of each credit and debit card, the names of the credit card holders and the CVV codes. As you can easily understand, such pieces of information are critical for every purchase, especially completed online.

Even though there has been no sight of the hackers taking advantage of this data till now, it is highly unlikely that there will be so in the future. On the contrary, customers that have engaged in such purchases for this time period in Target are highly suggested that they keep track of their accounts on a regular basis. Of course, the bank service providers have been alerted as well, so that they too can keep an eye.

Of course, even from this disturbing news you get another motivating proof of your online privacy and your data’s protection importance. In order to secure your purchases, you are encouraged to use prepaid cards and of course you ought to put VPN into effect. You can never feel too safe in these troubling times of ours!