SpotFlux Review – One and Only!


Spotflux SpotFlux Review   One and Only!

Brief SpotFlux Review

VPN Technology is one that enables internet users to protect themselves from online hackers; because if they were to access any information online, it would pose a threat on the personal life of internet users. Basically, there are two types of VPN services which include free and premium versions. Premium providers sometimes offer a free version together with the paid package, however, this does not hold true for all occasions.

The free version is usually a trial but it’s recommended to sign up for the full version of a premium VPN like Hidemyass, when compared to a relatively new and free provider like spotflux. Here in this SpotFlux Review, I’ll be providing you essential insights on this free VPN service provider.

Setup and Installation of SpotFlux

Spotflux is one of the newest players in VPN market, and thus, it is free of any charges as it does not support all of the major platforms. Currently, it is only available for Windows and Mac and supports only PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and IPSec VPN protocols. But, an added advantage of this VPN provider, is that installing the app is simply done by downloading the software and installing it on your computer — you don’t need to be worry about manual settings, whatsoever! Another cool thing about Spotfulx is, it’s now mobile, as now it’s offering free mobile app, too.

Performance of server and speed

In this Spotflux review, I want to let you know that, the company is based in New York and was launched in March 2012. Being a free service, it is natural that delays in speed connections would be expected but they would offer few limitations to the user. Considering this; the performance of servers and speed is not that much good, but with the price being ZERO, it’s ok.


The company is still new and has a long way to go for it to become one of the top VPN service providers. However, being a free service provider, it rates well in the market as it offers satisfactory services. In addition, it does not have ads that pop up on your screen; thus, does not interfere with how you utilize their services. Therefore, it is one of the fine companies that are going in right direction, with time it could turn out more successful than other service providers, potentially.