Learn How to Watch Spike TV Outside US


Untitled 3 copy Learn How to Watch Spike TV Outside US

Looking for Wrestling or CSI? Look no further, Spike TV is the channel for you. The Spike TV hosts several complete episodes accessible for streaming from inside the US, that is. Internet users outside of the USA have to apply the following technique in order to watch Spike TV outside US.

The trouble is that Spike TV only has licensing set up for streaming to the USA viewers only. Consequently, when you try to watch a video on the website from outside US you’ll see the message “Unavailable Video” and if you click on the ‘more info’ link it states “This video is not available from your location”.

Spike TV recognizes your location through your Pc’s IP address-that is a unique number that all of us get from the Internet Service Providers we are using. That unique number is necessary for online communication as well as for identifying the location of an internet user. It is therefore obvious that a US IP address is needed to access Spike TV.

The way through which to obtain a US IP Address to Enjoy Spike TV

Fortunately, the solution is quite simple. A simple way to change your existing IP address into a US one is by connecting to a VPN. When you connect to this sort of network, you’ll get an IP address from the server at the other end. If this server is based in the United States then you will have a US IP. That is all it takes to trick Spike TV into allowing you to stream all their amazing content.

Establishing a VPN connection is quite simple. Generally there are various providers in the market who can serve you but we prefer HideMyAss Pro VPN because they have great streaming speeds. When you subscribe to their services, you will receive an app. To get set for internet streaming just install their app for either Mac or PC and then choose any American server from the list then click connect and wait for 5 seconds for a green indication light will show you that you’re now connected to an American server.

After that, simply load the Spike TV website and you will see all the videos are now accessible for streaming. Obviously, this trick is effective for all the other US only websites out there, therefore it can be applied to unblock hundreds of internet sites with excellent content. That is all it takes if you wish to watch Spike TV outside US.