IBM label India as biggest spam nation


A fresh report from technology titans IBM has shown that India has overtaken U.S as the biggest Spam Nation, adding an enormous 16% of the world’s total.

E-mail spam has been a constant online security and safety issue as the extensive uptake of the internet, with India’s drastic increase in unnecessary e-mail generation rising in line with its quantity of active internet users. India the biggest Spam Nation has witnessed a remarkable 25% rise in the number of those linked to the net, which represents a massive amount of growth in the prospective market for cyber criminals and advertisers.

The report additionally touched on a huge number of online security concerns, such as the increasing risk to mobile users downloading corrupt programs or linking to unprotected Wi-Fi networks. This particular risk is now an important issue for businesses, considering the growing tendency of companies to permit their workers to produce their own devices to function.

Most likely sensitive data and information is usually put in danger when Smartphone and tablets are utilized for private reasons. Responding to this, IBM recommends that business proprietors apply an extensive protection system prior to considering the use of personalized devices at work, however this suggestion has mainly been disregarded up to now.

Online protection is about to turn into a hot topic for 2013, having an increase in the number of tablet users and Smartphone owners choosing to disregard essential security methods, mixed with the frequently lax screening processes of mobile stores for example Google Play. The screening of mobile applications has come under certain scrutiny in present weeks, with Android users having themselves vulnerable to malware infection from harmful applications that take command of someone’s divorce.

Responding to the increasing quantity of online security risks facing globe in 2013, security organizations have been creating increasingly advanced strategies of managing mobile devices and desktop and protected. A Virtual Private Network service is one of the best easy and simple to use protection procedures, offering an additional level of security to your internet connection. It is especially beneficial when linking to an unprotected Wi-Fi network.

A Virtual Private Network service similar to HMA is simple to create and incredibly economical, which makes it a feasible choice for everyone worried about their online protection.