Spam Mails Sent by AOL and Groundhog Day All Over Again


AOL has admitted having been responsible for another security breach that has led to thousands of spam mails sent over again to online users. Of course, this news sounds so familiar to you, since there have been incidents that are identical to these breaches again in the past and more particularly back in 1996. As you can see, there has been a great concern on social media and in online communities regarding such a cornucopia of spam mails sent over to everyone around the web.

According to the company, their security department goes above and beyond trying to recover the damage and repair all the vulnerabilities that they have come up against all this time. As they claim, the privacy of their customer is their top priority and therefore everyone should rest assured that these spam mails will not be up for long. Still, with the incidents occurring time and time again, people find it hard to believe that the future does not hold anything similar to that. No matter what happens now, it is justifiable for everyone to double check the emails that he receives. It is highly recommended that you do not open any email that does not come from a sender that you know of.

The great news is that most of the spam filters that the respected email services use can separate the wheat from the chaff and thus you are cut off from most of the threats. However, perhaps it is high time that you engaged in something much more effective towards enhancing your overall online security. After all, a VPN is always the ultimate weapon against online threats and dangers, including spam mails!