Facebook’s Graph Search – Leader in Social Search Tools


The spreading rumors about Facebook creating a search engine to tie up with Google has been going on for a long time. Rumors have developed from past news about Facebook having a suspicious partnership with Microsoft powered search engine, Bing. Aside from this, numerous tech bloggers have speculated that this is Facebook’s counter – action concerning Google’s creation of their own social network, Google +.

The said action by Facebook is rumored to be their response to Google’s social networking site. Recently, Facebook announced the launching of the new feature on their website. The said feature is a social search tools called the Graph Search. Although this feature is not as comprehensive as big search engines present in the web, the said feature is suspected to develop in time because it is still undergoing the early stages of testing.

Unlike Google that pulls information from various websites and portals available in the web, Facebook’s social search tools focuses on relevant and important information from your networks and peers. Example of this is that during a Facebook Graph Search, you would know exclusive updates about your friends like their travel updates and much more.

This social search tools announcement by Facebook ignited different forums and discussions concerning people’s privacy and security. Although Facebook insisted that their only intention is to have a counter – action against Google, billions of Facebook users still worry about their security online. This is because even the most private person who uses in Facebook can be easily tracked and monitored by just a single tagged photo in different locations. For this reason, a lot of people can be easily exploited small time and notorious scammers.

This new social search tools in Facebook is really alarming. And for very private people, this is considered to be a threat. Because aside from another thing that Graph Search can track, it may also track your online shopping outside Facebook.

As individuals who consider this as a threat, you can protect your privacy by using a VPN. Connecting in VPN is an ideal way to help you secure your online endeavors outside social networking sites. The best part in VPN is that it is easy to use. A piece of cake as you may say.

Currently, there are a variety of VPN providers offering you the most budget friendly and anonymous VPN services. Using a VPN connection while browsing on the internet, hackers will have a very tough time in monitoring your online activities, and you will have a complete feeling of safety, all the time.