Responsibility for Social Media Security


Social Media Security Responsibility for Social Media Security

Who is responsible for social media security? In a recent survey, anti-virus provider ESET sought to answer this question and the answers they found are quite interesting.

The survey found that 64 percent of all social media users are of the opinion that social media security rests with the individual user. This means that they agree that every person who has an active Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media profile should read the privacy agreement provided by the social media company, set privacy setting according and use a unique and complex password for their log-in.

The survey also found that 75% of the respondents held the view that social media sites should improve the detection and removal of harmful content on their sites with a further 86% bothered by the presence of malware on these sites.
The most depressing revelation from this survey is that only 20% of the respondents had ever taken a step to safe guard their social media accounts.

This means that while a majority of people on social media are aware that they are responsible for their security online, only 20 % have gone ahead and done something about it. With the changing face of social media where companies like Facebook are allowing more visibility to total strangers and Google+ using user information to endorse adverts, it is shocking that 80% of users have not read and made the necessary privacy changes in tandem with the changes in user policies. Users do not change their passwords regularly, leaving them exposed to hackers.

We at AllOfVPN urge everyone to look at their privacy settings and make necessary adjustment. We also urge users to take a step further to secure their online experience by having a VPN connection from a top provider like HideMyAss. VPN allows users to access their accounts safely regardless of where they are located on earth. This means that a user in China can access Facebook via VPN, although Facebook is censored in China.

It is not enough to know that you are responsible for your social media and by extension, online security. You have to act on the basis of that knowledge. Stay safe.