Enjoy Sochi Olympics Online Streaming without a Cable Bill Worldwide


Sochi Olympics Enjoy Sochi Olympics Online Streaming without a Cable Bill Worldwide

Winter Olympics are here and we all want to indulge in the great games in the snow and wonderful competitors struggling to make it to the top and win the golden medal. Stunning news and exciting moments for everybody, but how can we watch Sochi Olympics without cable bill all over the world? This is absolutely the talk of the town, since many people do not have the privilege of owning a cable subscription. As you should know, NBC has made an agreement for exclusivity in the broadcasting of the games. With the gigantic amount of money offered in return ($4.3 billion for the rights till 2020), NBC is now the proud owner of the rights of winter fun.

Isn’t there a way for you to tackle with this problem, no matter where you are in the world? Well, we sure say so! Do not frown any more, since there is the solution that you have been searching for. Just stick around and see how you can watch Sochi Olympics without any cable or any other hidden agenda whatsoever.

How to Get a Taste of the Sochi Games without Cable

Well, the easiest way for you to do that is through the use of a digital antenna, provided that you are in the US. In this method, you can achieve getting signal for NBC and enjoying the free broadcasting, which is offered to all the US residents. So, if you are OK with that small taste, you are good to go! However, there are those who either do not live in the United States or do not want to settle for such poor content. What can be done for all of them (an all of us, we may add)?

Unblocking the Sochi Games in Moments Worldwide

Fortunately enough, both the BBC and CBC are able to offer to you their content for free, without requiring any log in information or subscription of any sort. However, as you can imagine, they are both geo-blocked websites. This means that they are only available for viewing within their own countries. Hold on to your horses, now! There is a solution for you to make use of, so that you can bypass such an obstacle as well. The solution is no other than the VPN or else Virtual Private Network.

With its use, you can choose the server you are going to use for connecting online. This can be crucial, since such a connection will automatically change your IP address. So, if you wish to enjoy BBC, you will have to go for a British IP address and consequently a UK based server. If on the other hand you wish to enjoy CBC, you will have to choose a Canada based server, for getting a Canadian IP address and accessing full content. Aren’t you happy that we have resolved such a problem and that you can now watch the Sochi Games even without a cable bill throughout the world?

How to Choose the Best VPN for Sochi Games Globally?

Before we conclude this article, allow us just one final word of advice. Although VPN will typically offer standard services and benefits to you, this does not necessarily mean that all VPN providers are identical and can take pride in equal performance. Instead, there are a lot of factors that add to your overall satisfaction and lean towards a specific option among all VPN providers. After having taken all these factors into account, we have come up with the realisation that only HideMyAss (Official Site) is able to live up to the task and offer the best features to you.

Not only does it include a great many servers both in Canada and the UK (after all, it is based in the United Kingdom), but it can also guarantee that your online streaming is of paramount quality and does not let you down in any way and under any circumstances. Plus, the tech support is always top notch and you can rest assured that the price you get is truly the ultimate value for money. So, try it out yourselves (it offers a 30-day full money refund guarantee, after all!) and you will not be sorry!