Sochi Games Seek High Alert Cyber Encryption


Sochi games in Russia are going to provide a handsome opportunity to criminal hackers as well as to government officials to intercept in the laptops, mobiles and computers used by the players along with the supporters. According to the media release, the security officials at Sochi have advised the participants and the fans to take serious guards against cyber-criminal troops during the winter Olympic Games.

The chances of criminal cyber activities become more prominent and frantic on such places where trillions of the participants are gathered in a same planet- especially on occasion like Olympic games, North American Kaspersky ‘chief, Steve Orenburg interviewed last week in a conference.

Orenberg further briefed:

You’re no more or less exposed (at Sochi) than if you go to a football stadium with 80,000 at a game or an F1 race with 250,000 people on a race day-It’s more newsworthy but the message (around security) really hasn’t changed.

In orenberg opinion, he would prefer high class VPN (Virtual Private Network) as guard during his cyber managerial work if he was thinking to rush in to Sochi. The whole event will be monitored and administered by the Kaspersky lab in collaboration with technology houses like Avaya and Microsoft.

Kaspersky, a Russian security provider team, has got the TSSP. (Total Space Security Protection) licenses for all cyber machinery involved in this mega event. It’s the prime duty of the vendor to provide full-proof safety to all the officials and the management of the games.

Kaspersky advised lot of precautionary measures for the Olympic lovers to be adopted are:-

  • Extra ordinary cautionary tools must be practiced while using Wi-Fi networks publically.
  • Financial debit transaction must be protected through efficient VPN-connection.
  • Installation of upgraded anti –malware software must be ensured.

A Kaspersky franchiser, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Encore Technology Group, Michael knight denied to the hundred percent encrypted cyber operations.

Knight diagnosed more:

You need to do basic things, like if you’re walking around with your iPad don’t enable wireless unless you know where you’re connecting. Disable Bluetooth. Don’t let equipment out of your control, and just employ common-sense principles-If you can find a hardline connection that’s obviously better, but you’re still connecting to a main junction point that could be compromised.

Usage of mass communications by the users is another aspect to enhance cyber hacking as satellite internet is not in approach of majority of the users, added by Mr. Knight. Knight critically suggested availing safe VPN-connections, although you are in chatting to your home-offices.