Beware, SmartPhone Photographs Can Give Away your Location


Remember those beautiful photos of your family reunion or your little kids taken in the house that you posted online? Well, those photographs can give away your location. With just a little effort, anyone interested in tracking your movement can now follow you using your SmartPhone photos posted online. This means that thieves can find your home, stalkers can find you and your privacy is at risk, among other dangers.

How Does this Happen?

When you take a picture with your smart phone, the photos have some information that is meant to help other programs define when they were taken, their format among other details. Now the risk arises when photos have geo-location information on them. This means that they have information on the latitude and longitude of the place where they were taken.

There are browser extensions that decode these geo-tags and expose the exact location on a map. Scary icon neutral Beware, SmartPhone Photographs Can Give Away your Location

How Do You Stop This?

There are two ways through which you can prevent your photos from exposing your location. One of the ways is to disable GPS when you take pictures.

Google Maps Beware, SmartPhone Photographs Can Give Away your Location

This means that you go and find the GPS settings on your phone. That way your photos will not have any geo-location info on them.

The second way, one that we highly recommend, is using a VPN service whenever you want to post information online. While disabling GPS might help with your photos, VPN ensure that all you traffic is secure. This means that everything that you do online will be private.

To even take this further, you can actually change your location virtually so that anyone stalking you will be misled into thinking you are at the fake location. VPN is a paid service and you will have to find a good provider who fits your budget and needs. A good example of a dependable VPN is HideMyAss (Review)VPN from the UK.

Now you know. Do not over expose yourself unknowingly online.