Are Smart Devices Really Safe?


heroSmartDevices Are Smart Devices Really Safe?

Technology evolves at the speed of light today. Just 10 years ago your smart phone was not even a napkin drawing in a coffee shop, it was simply not conceived. The range of devices that are being invented to take advantage of internet connectivity is honestly very wide. In the near future, smart devices will literary run our lives.

There are companies that are selling smart devices like refrigerators which alert you when your stocks of veggies are going down, dish washers that measure detergent and ask you to replace it when it is depleted to each other and garage doors that can be unlocked from outside the gate among others. All these devices are designed by smart engineers and programmers to make your life as easy and convenient as possible.

But there is a problem. A big problem. See, these devices send massive amounts of data about you daily habits over the internet in unencrypted form. The device makers are looking at convenience rather than security. If any of this information fell to a hacker, you can be profiled and followed. In some cases, the hacker might take advantage and remotely control your devices. If a cyber criminal was able to open your garage doors remotely, you would be in danger.

The only possible way to keep this kind of scenario from happening is to have the devices communicate through a determined private network like home Wi-Fi. If you need to communicate with you devices from outside your home, you would need something like a VPN for your devices.

But we are not there yet

Today, the biggest threat to security will come from your normal internet activity like social media and e-mail. To protect your online security, we recommend that you get a VPN subscription from a reputable provider like HideMyAss. This will not only ensure that your communication online is encrypted but also keep your location hidden, making it hard for hackers and snoopers to access your private information.