Learn How to Watch Sky GO Outside UK


Unblocking Skygo Outside UK Learn How to Watch Sky GO Outside UK

Owing to licensing contracts with copyright owners, Sky cannot allow online users from outside the United Kingdom watch its content. To be able to check exactly where on the earth the consumer is situated when using their service, the internet site will do a reverse track on your personal computer’s IP address .

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a distinctive number that your personal computer will receive from the Net provider you are using at the time. This exercise of identifying and restricting a user through location is very common today and it is known as Geo blocking. Luckily, it is quite easy to beat geo-blocking.

Technique to make it look like you are located in the UK

Considering that Sky will use your Internet Protocol (IP) address to figure out your location, all you need to do is acquire a United Kingdom IP address. To do this, you require connecting to what is referred to as a VPN service. Once linked to this sort of system, you will receive an Internet Protocol address from the web server at the opposite end, and if this particular web server is situated in the United Kingdom then the Internet Protocol you receive will be UK too. This might sound complicated but it is in fact surprisingly easy to do.

All you require is membership to a Virtual Private Network provider and you are good to go. We recommend you use the United Kingdom based HideMyAss Pro for this activity. You just need to register for membership and download their software program, which works with both Personal Computer and Mac PC. Once added, choose a server-based in the United Kingdom from the record and click connect. From that instant on you will appear to be located in the United Kingdom allowing you to enjoy Sky GO outside UK or regardless of where on the earth you are positioned. Awesome!

Works With iPads, iPhones and Android too

You can easily use your HideMyAss with your cellular device too. Just follow the guides listed in the member’s section of the VPN’s website and select your gadget. Enjoying Sky GO whilst on holiday on your iPad is a lot of fun. Use this method to unlock full Sky Go entertainment anywhere, on any device.