Mastering the Skills of Sharing a VPN Connection in Windows


Share VPN Connection Mastering the Skills of Sharing a VPN Connection in Windows

Are you a fan of Windows as an OS? Well, this is great news! If you are the proud owner of a device running on Windows, then you can go ahead with learning how you can use that in order to share your VPN connection in Windows any way you feel like! Do you want to use your VPN on your Apple TV, your PS3 or your xBox 360?

Do you want to go the extra mile and share your VPN connection with all the devices inside your home? There is no problem whatsoever! As long as you have started out using VPN on your Windows running device, you will enjoy great flexibility from now on. The built in connection on Windows will allow you to move on with this step, whereas you can find some truly comprehensive guidelines as to how to set up your VPN on Windows using HideMyAss Pro.

Now What?

Once you have done all that and you have ensued that your VPN connection

Share VPN Connection2 Mastering the Skills of Sharing a VPN Connection in Windowshas been established in the first place, you will be expected to right click on the VPN and then go to Properties. From then on, you should select the Sharing button and then “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.

This will allow all the other devices of yours to be able and share your VPN. When you make use of a wi-fi connection to your VPN, you can choose to go for the Ethernet cable for establishing the shared connection. The choice is yours to make, since you can also choose to use a USB dongle.

Important note: Never share the same VPN connection that you currently use to get online. This is truly essential to keep in mind.