Way to Setup HideMyAss Router – Connect Your VPN Router with HideMyass VPN


Way to Setup HideMyAss Router Way to Setup HideMyAss Router   Connect Your VPN Router with HideMyass VPN

There’re various Wi-Fi routers being offered in the market, currently. Among them, we’ve identified Asus RT N-16 as an ideal one to link to HideMyAss (HMA). Below, we’re going to explain how you can connect it to HideMyAss.

Setting up HideMyAss router

  • Ensure that you’ve the important gadgets.
  • An accessibility to Hidemyass VPN
  • The Asus RT N (16) router
  • Password and Username for HideMyAss PPTP server. At this point, we’d want to mention that this password and username isn’t similar to the HideMyAss account password and username. To get this information initially sign in to your HideMyAss account and next select PPTP servers on the left side. After that move down to find your sign in information regarding PPTP servers.
  • Select a server of your targeted location through the set of PPTP servers made available to you by HideMyAss. After that note down the IP address.
  • Next you require DD-WRT software for your router. You can download that from here

If you’ve have all of the above mentioned steps covered, you may continue to the next stage.

The way to upgrade flash on the router

In this part we will explain how to install the software on your router. This is necessary because only routers with open source code software can link to a VPN. This router (Asus RT N-16) works perfectly with this kind of software. Upon saving the DD-WRT software, move to the next step.

  • Link your router to the computer through an Ethernet wire. And in case you’ve any kind of Ethernet wire connection on your PC, you need to detach it and also turn off Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now please open up your internet browser and write down You’ll see a screen asking for username and password, for that, you need to enter admin/admin in case you haven’t set any password previously. In case you’re using the router first time you should follow this path without any second thought.
  • On the dashboard simply click on software upgrade through the advanced configurations. Click choose a document and next opt for DD-wrt. v24-14929_NEWD-2_K2. 6_mini_RT-N16. trx which you have saved and then finish the setup procedure.
  • As soon as this flashing procedure finishes, a display screen will show up requesting you to put in a password and username for the router. Complete the information as per your preference.
  • Immediately after that you’ll be forwarded towards the primary dashboard from the router of the software.

Now continue to the next stage below:

Link the Asus Router to HideMyAssVPN

Now you need to stay at the primary dashboard in the router using the software, while you’ve just completed the software flashing procedure. Otherwise, enter in your internet browser and click after that:

  • Simply click setup from the top of the dashboard. A simple setup display screen will appear.
  • Select PPTP Link Type below WAN Connection.
  • Utilize DHCP > Yes.
  • Inside under the Gateway (PPTP server) enter the IP-Address for the server of the targeted place.
  • At this point type your HideMyAss password and username for PPTP.
  • Link Strategy– Keep alive–Redial interval 30 second
  • Has PPTP Encryption—Enable
  • Has Deactivate Packet Reordering—Enable
  • Inside “Additional PPTP Options” field enter mppe required, stateless
  • Have STP—Disable
  • Save remaining check boxes in the default state
  • And then click on Save and Apply

PPTP Way to Setup HideMyAss Router   Connect Your VPN Router with HideMyass VPN

Finally, link your router straight to the Internet by inserting one end of the Ethernet wire inside the WAN port and also the opposite end-where you have your internet source. By reaching at this point, you’re connected via the HideMyAss Pro VPN server regardless of whether you’re connected through wireless or by Ethernet wire. That’s it, wasn’t it a piece of cake? Enjoy icon smile Way to Setup HideMyAss Router   Connect Your VPN Router with HideMyass VPN