How to Setup HideMyAss on iPhone – Premium Quality Guidelines


HideMyAss on iPhone How to Setup HideMyAss on iPhone   Premium Quality Guidelines

Online privacy has been of major concern to many people all over the world and this is perfectly understandable. Especially after the recent revelations of NSA spying on people and of course with the ongoing threats of hacking attacks, malware and viruses, it is essential that people get panicked and start searching for the ideal way to protect themselves and their personal information online.

Things can get even more difficult when using mobile devices with compromised apps or even unsecured wi-fi hotspots. In order to make things right now, VPN can come to the rescue and offer the top protection during your web surfing. Such enhancement of online protection has been the reason why we have created this tutorial. Inside, you are going to find all the information that you need in order to setup HideMyAss on iPhone. The same procedure applies to devices such as your iPad as well, of course. Join us!

Why You Need HideMyAss on iPhone

As stated above, VPN is able to keep all the prying eyes away from you and it can protect your overall online presence. Although there are quite a few VPN providers on the market, HideMyAss has proven its value over time and it has amazed us with the superb performance that it can guarantee. So, if we had to recommend a single VPN provider that can help you enjoy your web surfing while securing your every move, this would have to be HMA. It is compatible to all devices and OS and it makes the path of setting up VPN on your iPhone or iPad a piece of cake. So, here we go!

Setting Up HideMyAss on Your iPhone or iPad

Let’s see how to setup HideMyAss on your iPhone or iPad using some simple and yet thorough guidelines.

  1. When you visit the Home Menu, you come up with Settings and then Network. There, you click on VPN and Add VPN Configuration.
  2. Now, you choose OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP and you complete the information required. You use the info given to you from your VPN provider when you complete Server and Password. On the contrary, Description and Account are filled in with whatever you want.
  3. As soon as you have entered such information, you can test to see if your VPN has been activated. By going to the Settings Menu, you click the VPN on and you are in! You can even test to see if your IP address has been changed according to the plan.

As you can see, there is nothing that should confuse you along the way. However, HMA will include everything you need in the email that will be sent to you after your subscription has been completed. So, even if you run into any troubles (still, we bet you will not!), you can turn to these guidelines for further assistance. Enjoy your protected online experiences!