Security Predictions for 2014 – What Will Come Knocking on Our Door?


What will we be expecting for the following months to come? What will happen in 2014 in the field of security? Since technology progresses by the second and there are breakthroughs occurring on a daily basis, it is intriguing to have a glance of what we can anticipate on. Below, we have gathered some of the predictions that have been made about what we are about to see in the near future. However, our predictions are not based on a hitch or on an impulse; they have been based on some solid conclusions and therefore we are pretty sure that reality will not fail us. Let us begin with our journey towards the future, then!

Ransomware on Mobile Phones: Our first glance is not a pleasant one to look forward to. It seems that such Trojans that have been locking the devices of Internet users and have been asking for money in order to unlock will set out for new lands! Mobile phones and their increasing sales have made it clear that ransomware will hit the specific devices sooner than we would have hoped. Especially with the lack of awareness on behalf of most users with mobile devices as to their thorough protection, such attacks will most probably be fruitful. So, pay attention to your mobile devices!

Edward Snowden’s Revelations: OK, this has been true for some time now. Nonetheless, it is certain that more things will be brought to light an as a result our feeling of safety will be gravely injured. NSA has been exposed by Edward Snowden as for their spying techniques and the surveillance projects that they have pulled through. It is highly likely that within a short period of time countries will become a lot stricter as to the access of foreigners to their data. Such restrictions will get apparent and will change the web as we know it and as we have come to love.

The Internet of Things Becomes the Internet of Vulnerabilities: It is disturbing, but it definitely reflects the upcoming reality. The Internet of Things is related to the acknowledgement that everything is connected and interacts with everything else on the web. Still, such interconnection is possible (and to be realistic, it is much more than possible) that a lot of new threats and security breaches will occur. Due to the interaction of physical objects, many negative reactions will be triggered and this will lead to devices being compromised and data being intercepted more easily than before.

The End of Passwords as We Know Them: As it has been proven more than once in the recent past, knowledgeable hackers and almost every tech savvy can break down a password and gain access to social media accounts or emails. So, a lot of efforts have been made in order to introduce Internet users to innovative patterns and methods used. Besides biometrics (which might include fingertips or even the use of your eye to gain access), 2FA systems have been regarded as the most reliable to count on. Within 2014, such changes will gain great power worldwide, since they enhance our online security.

Room for Smaller Companies and Innovation: Despite common belief, not everything has been handed out to multinational companies and giants in the field of technology. There is always room for new and fresh ideas (particularly regarding to online security and protection) and a lot of professionals have been proving that over time. The establishment of smaller companies is certain to grow and become much stronger in 2014. New scientists out there, start shaping the world and let nothing stop you!

Beware of Clouds and Social Media: It makes total sense why cyber crooks will focus on gaining access to data stored in a cloud. Since most businesses have been choosing such a method for keeping everything far out of reach and well secured, it is the truth that a lot of people who know their way round will try to take advantage of such progress. All at once, hackers will emphasize on gathering crucial information from social media. This is a lot easier than it might seem, as it turns out that Internet users are enthusiastic and most times impulsive when it comes to sharing sensitive data online.

These are some of the things that we will confront with in 2014. Bad or good, full of hope or despair, they had better alert you on how you can protect yourself and your business online. In an era with ongoing changes, learning how to prevent something negative when it comes to security breaches can be crucial. Last but not least, VPN will definitely continue being the most reliable method for securing your personal information through full data encryption in 2014 (and, we bet, for many years still to come!).