Security Loophole in Xbox Surprisingly Discovered by Five-Year-Old


It is alerting to acknowledge that there is vulnerability in your products and that such a vulnerability can be highlighted by a five-year-old, don’t you think so too? Well, this is what happened in the case of Xbox and the witty Kristoffer. It seems like Kristoffer was dying to play some games in the game console, despite of his father not allowing him to do that. So, what he did was about to be part of history, at least for Microsoft.

Even though the discovery is not at all complicated, this is what has raised concern among tech savvies and people who are hesitant as to regarding Xbox a safe product. Kristoffer was unable to write down the password that his father has inserted and therefore he was redirected to the confirmation of the password. Then, he just pressed the space bar over and over again, till he could not press it any more and move the cursor. Finally, he just pressed enter and he was delighted to realize that this was his ticket to enter the world of Xbox.

The funny thing about the whole mess is that Kristoffer’s father is a computer professional and this is what has even emerged suspicions as to whether or not he is the one responsible for the discovery. Still, the truth is that it does not take a scientist to unravel the mystery of the vulnerability and this is what makes everyone reluctant as to trust Xbox again. What followed was unprecedented, since Microsoft congratulated the little boy and, instead of punishing him for his effort to access something out of reach for him, he offered some monetary gain, video games and the recognition as a Microsoft security researcher.

Cute as it might be for a five-year-old boy to discover the vulnerability of Xbox, it is important to stress out that this can be the beginning of even more crucial discoveries in the near future. Online security should be taken into some serious consideration, in order to prevent similar incidents from occurring.