New Security Leak in Androids Raising Concerns


Have you got an Android running on 4.0 to 4.3? Then it is high time that you started worrying! Unfortunately, another strike of a severe bug has made its appearance recently, putting the Android OS at risk and depriving it of another piece of its credibility.

Even though there has not been that great zest on behalf of the security team of the Android, the truth is that Curesec (which is a German security research team) has made this observation and has thought it best to alert people respectively. On the bright side, the Android version of 4.4 (the KitKat) is risk free and thus you can sigh with relief if you are one of the fortunate ones who have not been subject to threats of similar bugs.

The bug makes use of a simple method so as to change the settings and your preferences when it comes to locking your Android. Even if you think that this is trivial, in reality such security breaches can cause grave problems in your Android over time. So, it is rather disturbing to know that somebody can mess with your locking mechanism and do whatever pleases them as to when to lock or unlock the Android. Even more alarming has been the attitude of the people responsible for such security breaches among the Android team, who have been less than receptive and cooperative as to the news of this flaw.

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