Internet Security Experts Warning on Internet Security Encryption Infrastructure


Internet security experts now warn that the internet security encryption infrastructure might have to be rebuilt after NSA cracks existing encryption.

The NSA has allegedly cracked security encryption that keeps millions of the heavily used sites secure. This revelation by experts is both disturbing and unfortunate. The main problem is that the internet security infrastructure was developed by government internet security experts.

Now, these experts are the ones who work for the NSA, meaning they can break down the encryption they created. Independent experts are now calling for a complete rebuilding of security encryption, without the help of government resources.

There is a feeling of deep betrayal among scientists owing to the fact that internet security experts from the NSA can weaken the very same security that they built. It is stunning that the government is willing to put surveillance ahead of the security of millions of internet users. Johns Hopkins cryptographer prof. Matthew Green has been quoted saying that experts did not think that the NSA could deliberately weaken the security of internet sites, but now they are not sure.

The NSA set the standards for security encryption, and it is disturbing to think that they deliberately made those standards weak enough to allow them future access to sites. According to documents leaked to The Guardian by Edward Snowden, the NSA has the ability to hack into many internet sites, including some Virtual Private Networks.

In response, the director of National intelligence at the NSA claims that the NSA would be failing if it did not make efforts to break internet security encryption when looking at potential terrorists, human traffickers, cyber criminals and other criminal elements online. With this in mind, it is not surprising that Professor Green and other internet security experts are calling for a complete rewrite of internet security.

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