Russia Hacking Companies Abroad for Financial Benefit, According to CrowdStrike


Following the foot steps of China and “Operation Aurora”, the Russian Government has allegedly been hacking companies of various neuralgic sectors of the economy. These claims were made by a security firm called CrowdStrike to Reuters. If you do not know anything about CrowdStrike, it is worth mentioning that the firm was co-founded by Dmitri Alperovitch and he gained great reputation and acknowledgment while working for McAffee Inc.

According to what has been stated by the revelations of CrowdStrike, Russia has been using the same tactic as China towards gaining vital knowledge and information when it comes to energy and technology, governmental services, manufacturing and defensive systems. Since there is confidentiality agreement with the customers of CrowdStrike, more evidence cannot be brought to light, for the time being.

Alperovitch has mentioned that this is the first time Russia has been involved in such efforts to gain control over valuable data and unique pieces of information. Being kept competitive on the global market and empowering its economy must have been the driving force behind such an operation.

The Russians behind the whole scheme have been named “Energetic Bear” and they have been monitored for over two years for their actions. As stated from the co-founder of CrowdStrike to Reuters, all these claims have been crossed checked and verified before they were published. It is left for the future to reveal the truth behind such claims.