Listen to Rhapsody Outside US – Unblocking Rhapsody via VPN


Rhapsody Outside US Listen to Rhapsody Outside US   Unblocking Rhapsody via VPN

Rhapsody is an online digital store that allows you to access over 14 million songs, essays and other digital content, all for just $10 a month. The service is available for a wide range of devices, ranging from internet enabled stereos to your high end smart phone. So it is very sad that you cannot access Rhapsody outside US.

This means that people who live in other countries, including Americans who have traveled abroad cannot access the service, regardless of the fact that they have a Rhapsody account.

But all is not lost, there is a simple way through which you can gain access to Rhapsody from anywhere in the world. To understand how this method works, we will have to find out how Rhapsody knows US users and non-US users. Rhapsody reads your IP address in order to find out where you are located. If your IP is from the US, they allow you to access their site. If your IP is not from the US, they deny you access.

So it is clear that if you will gain access to Rhapsody from outside US, you have to find a way through which to get a US IP address. A simple way to get a US IP address is by using a VPN service. But not any VPN will do, you need to use a VPN provider who is not only fast, affordable and secure but also one who has servers in the US. Most of the people around our office use of HideMyAss.

When we did a quick poll, many people said that HideMyAss is fast, has good customer support, is very secure and can be relied upon for even bigger tasks like unblocking Netflix from outside US.

Once you have your VPN up and working, you can now go to Rhapsody and access your favorite music, regardless of your location in the world. If you do not have a Rhapsody account, you can register one once you have a US IP address. Remember to enter a US billing address and use US credit card or gift card to pay for the Rhapsody subscription otherwise your account will not be accepted.

There you go now; you can enjoy Rhapsody outside US or indeed from anywhere on the Earth. Keep listening it icon smile Listen to Rhapsody Outside US   Unblocking Rhapsody via VPN