Removing Your EXIF Data Can Help You Stay Anonymous


Removing Your EXIF Data Removing Your EXIF Data Can Help You Stay Anonymous

If you have been dealing with photography and you enjoy publishing your pictures by uploading them online, you should know that there is some information that you can expect to be released through this uploading pattern of yours.

As you can imagine, there are many things that we do not know of when we use specific features online and we need to be constantly on alert if we want to stay off the radar and remain anonymous at all times. After all, there have been cases such as the one of McAffee being tracked down and arrested as a consequence of the metadata available from a picture he has uploaded to his personal blog.

It goes without even saying that these kinds of metadata can be of paramount importance in cases where you are in need of obtaining crucial details in order to serve justice, but the option of being vulnerable against the will of anyone getting their hands on such data can be intimidating.

There is specific software that can be used in order to remove EXIF data from the digital photographs of yours, so that you are not frustrated about whether or not you are giving out important information. EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format and you can see this information on Windows if you get to right click on the picture, go to properties and details tab subsequently.

In OSX you get to select the image file in Finder and get the information requested. In Unix the process is similar since you right click on the image and get properties and more details. QuickFix can do the trick and remove such data from your pictures, as well as ExifTool and Microsoft Pro Photo Tools.

In Windows though you can simply select all the pictures you wish to transform, right click and go to properties and then to the details. From then on, you can click on the command that has to do with removing of all the properties and personal information and you are done. When trying to do the same process for identifying the EXIF information as stated above, you will be offered the updated non existent metadata.

All in all, you need to make use of all the tools that you want in order to feel more protected and less delicate against online privacy breaches. Of course, benefiting from VPN can help you a great deal in your aim of feeling rest assured at all times.