Signing Up for Netflix without US Credit Card? Yes, We Can!


Netflix without US Credit Card Signing Up for Netflix without US Credit Card? Yes, We Can!

Netflix is by far the most wonderful option when it comes down to choosing what you are going to watch online. With over 21,000 full HD movies and other content of unique greatness, it is no wonder why all people want to be part of such entertainment. However, there is always something that gets in the way and spoils all the fun for most of us.

In this case, it is the geographical restriction triggered by the copyright issues emerging anywhere else but the States. So, unless you are a US resident (or at least a resident within Latin America, Canada and in places where there are versions of Netflix into effect, offering much worse quality and quantity altogether), you will be in need of accessing the website and its content using some sort of magic. Otherwise, you will be displayed a monotonous message highlighting your lack of authorization to enter.

Since we do believe in magic and most of all we believe that it is unfair to get such problems when trying to access Netflix internationally, we are here to lay a helping hand. In fact, you are going to see how you can access Netflix without US credit cards and without being located in the States. Let us begin, shall we?

First Thing Is First

Before you do anything else, you ought to make sure that you have subscribed to a VPN provider. We are here to recommend HideMyAss VPN, simply because it is the best VPN provider that you can get, with a huge variety of servers located globally, great speed rates and unlimited bandwidth to look forward to.

Of course, these are the top key features when it comes to online streaming options, such as Netflix. Well, after having subscribed to VPN, you can change your IP address with an American one. If you are wondering how you can do that, it is as simple as cake. You connect to a US based server and the substitution occurs automatically.

Next stop is for you to register for a US account on Netflix. The procedure is simple, but you do need to use a US address (do not worry, any fake address will do, nobody verifies them any way!) and a valid zip code (using five digits, this is where you should pay attention). After having entered these pieces of information properly, you are ready to go ahead with the payment.

How to Pay Up for Netflix without US Credit Card

Pretty straightforward question, deserving an equally straightforward answer! First of all, you can make use of Netflix gift cards that you can find pretty easily. Then, there is the option of using your international credit card and still getting approved of your payment (it is worth having a go with that).

Last but not least, you can go for a PayPal payment and if you get into trouble with the payment you can buy a debit PayPal card and proceed with that. That’s about it! Good luck with practicing what we have just preached and enjoy online streaming of the finest quality without any further to do!