Recent Security Breaches and Threats Call for Innovative Methods


It is true that the breaches in the online security have been made more frequent and frustrating than they used to be in the past. The recent incident with eBay and the compromise of thousands of personal emails and passwords has been the tip of the iceberg. Target has also been hacked and the attack of its stores has been remarkable. Over time, a lot of people who have been concerned about the future of the web has stressed out the need of structuring new approaches and methods against hackers and other malicious software.

Professionals do not always agree and this is highlighted on the methods that several tech savvies wish to apply for dealing with this delicate and extremely important matter. IBM is more of an enthusiast of predictive measures, whereas the security firm Bromium focuses on the necessity to build solid hardware that can protect its very core and thus stay off from any trouble or breach on the Internet. Finally, there is the approach of constantly updating antivirus software according to the newest trends on the web. In other words, the antivirus software used by computers should be up to date and therefore deal with these issues effectively. Still, this method has not been proven that effective.

Disputes among people who are specialized in this field of expertise, meaning online security, highlights the difficulty that lies beneath the monitoring of these attacks and their efficient handling. Since there is no immediate or straightforward solution that is able to confront with the challenges of online security breaches, the future of the Internet lies vulnerable and there is the prominent necessity of applying new methods that will work wonders and shield all computers globally.