Rakshak’s Counter Attack on Pakistani Websites


As Pakistani hackers had disfigured over 2,000 Indian web pages on Indian National day celebrated as Republic Day in India on 26th of January. The website of the Indian Central Bank was also victimized by the hackers. The Indian upcoming model and actress Poonam Pandey’s site was amongst the disfigured sites ranged up to 2,118.

“Team Madleets”, accepted the responsibility of Ms. Pandey’s site with the phrase “Pakistan Zindabad”. Banglore’s security authorities revealed that the operation “OP26jan” was operated to deface majority of the Indian sites.
The operation was managed and controlled by the groups like:-

  • Striker Rude
  • Kashmir Cyber Army
  • Pak Cyber Expert
  • Hunter Gujar

Responding to Paki hackers, ICR (Indian Cyber Rakshak) spoiled about one hundred Pakistani websites last Wednesday. The spoilage and defacement of Pakistani sites commenced on Tuesday night and ended on Wednesday, reported by GCSRT (Global Cyber Security Response Team).

According to the critics on security matters, the revenge will be carried on by the Rakshak. The slogan found on the defaced sites was,” hacked by Indian Cyber Rakshak”. The Republic day hacking act was done just after the hacking of fourteen hundred websites of India two weeks before, an expert detailed.